Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hackers and Lib'tards and Trolls, Oh My!

Grey Eagle is under attack again. See this post.

Thank you Mr. Right and Anna for again blogbursting the news.

Pushback: Day 7

Want to brighten your day? Then go see the 7th entry in Andi's 14 Day Pushback submitted by Steve at PCS to LinkedInUSAF. In Lift Up Optimism to Push Back Fear! he reminds us all of the power of positive thinking.

OPTIMISM is almost non-existent in the MSM OSM LAME PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine). In fact, I have been noticing that it is often missed by our fellow Milbloggers. I am not asserting that optimism is burying ones head in the sand. The media is doing fine on their own hitting us with their invectives. I submit that we must try very hard to uncover the good and ensure that it permeates the blogosphere until it hits the general consumer. We have a responsibility to those that are sacrificing their all to protect us. Since we are "on the wall" here at home, we must lead by example and fight with the greatest power in the universe: optimism.
Next up, Day 8, please be sure to check out London blogger Carol of!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday Tidbits

Hooray for Denny Hastert! Mr. Speaker took it upon himself to declare that the decorated evergreen on the Capitol's West Lawn is - drum roll - A CHRISTMAS TREE!

CivilWarrior has something to get off his chest. He takes on Mr. Murtha, ex-Prof. Daly, and others in Okay, NOW IT'S TIME TO RANT!!!
I guess having a college education these days and signing your e-mail arrogantly with the purely (self) honorific title "professor" entitles you to advocate for the murder of commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the U.S. armed forces. That apparently being the case in the current climate, I would like to warn the good, former "professor" that many of us are very, very good with weapons of myriad types, and are not all that shy about using them when it is absolutely necessary. If he would like to come and take a pop at my commander, I invite him to do so at his leisure, but would like to remind him that I have never qualified as anything less than an expert with an M-16. I'm not quite as good with a pistol, but can still manage to put two in the chest and one in the head with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Hope to see you soon you self-important piece of shit.
Sgt. Snyder has lots more videos and a wonderful Thanksgiving post (I know, I'm a loser for not linking sooner) titled Plain Old Thanks.
If you’re one of the people who think that this isn’t a cooperative effort, you’re wrong. In any given day since I’ve been here, I’ve met Egyptians, Iraqis, Polish, Iranians, Turks, Peruvians, Brits, Georgians, Gurkhas, Indians and others. Hell, I even met a Frenchman. There are people of every nationality here, doing every job imaginable. In ways small and large, all these people are doing jobs that will lead to one result - more freedom of choice for more Iraqis.
PushBack Day 6 on Air Force Family: Lies My Congressman Told Me (special by airforceguy).

We found mustard shells which had gone past their expiration date. We found yellowcake, Joe Wilson, and eventually enriched uranium, Scott Ritter.

But the physical evidence doesn’t tell the whole story. The interrogation portion does that. Many, many scientists talked about Saddam’s weapons production. The production wasn’t large scale, and it wasn’t quality stuff, but it was there. The question on your mind is this: where is the rest of the stuff? The answer is very simple and very complex.

Read the whole thing for the answers from someone who knows what's what.

Monday, November 28, 2005

14 Day Pushback - Protesting the Protesters

Army wife/milblogger/activist Andi of Andi's World is on a mission to counter the MSM's negative and biased reporting with the 14-Day Pushback.

Day 1: Andi with The Sin of Omission is Costly. What the MSM doesn't report can hurt you.

Day 2: Toni of Bear Creek Ledger with a Look to History to Understand Today. A fascinating look (with original columns, no less!) of how the MSM covered the reconstruction of Europe 60 years ago.

Day 3: Doug Petch with a two-fer Part I - Setting the Conditions followed by The Wrap-Up. The predictability of the MSM.

Day 4: Rightfielder with Break with Al Qaeda. The media doesn't like stories about the terrorists losing support.

Day 5 - me with "Protesting the Protesters"

The MSM loves sensational "sexy" stories about corruption, graft, greed, murder and mayhem. They fall over themselves pushing and shoving to get an interview with the mother of a missing child or, even better, the Congressman "most likely to be the murderer" (remember Chandra Levy?) and will thrash the story on the front pages for months. Given just a whiff of a rumor of an unsubstantiated innuendo about a "high ranking Administration Official", they'll play judge and jury in the court of public opinion and hang the miscreant from the largest headline font. Even the conservative's favorite FOX News is obsessed with "Misery-TV" stories like the apparent murder/kidnap of Natalee Holloway in Aruba that everyone I know is sick to death of hearing about.

Every so often their interest will be piqued by some "peace activists" who are receiving negative coverage in the blogosphere or "new media". Take for instance the article by Kristinn Taylor about CodePink's $600K grant to Fallujah terrorists. It got no notice in the MSM who saw nothing newsworthy about a clear-cut case of treason. *Yawn* we don't care what commies do. Add Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) to the story via To Fallujah, With Love by Ben Johnson and what do you get? *Sigh* give us a story about Haliburton. It took Marc Morano's CNSNews article Anti-War Protests Target Wounded at Army Hospital to get some real attention.

August, 25 2005 - The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., the current home of hundreds of wounded veterans from the war in Iraq, has been the target of weekly anti-war demonstrations since March. The protesters hold signs that read "Maimed for a Lie" and "Enlist here to die for Halliburton."[sic]

The anti-war demonstrators, who obtain their protest permits from the Washington, D.C., police department, position themselves directly in front of the main entrance to the Army Medical Center, which is located in northwest D.C., about five miles from the White House.

Among the props used by the protesters are mock caskets, lined up on the sidewalk to represent the death toll in Iraq.

Code Pink Women for Peace, one of the groups backing anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan's vigil outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, organizes the protests at Walter Reed as well.

For the next couple of weeks there were reporters from all over with cameras rolling and "journalists" asking probing questions like "Why do you support this illegal war?" The usual MSM response is to report a counter-protest from the perspective of the leftists, describing the opposition as "far right", "religious fundamentalists", "hard-right conservatives", etc., who are harassing peace-loving, patriotic citizens at their candlelight "vigil". Despite some positive coverage by FOX News and Sean Hannity, the media quickly lost interest. Since the end of August, I've found just one article in the WaPo A Weekly Battle Over War In Iraq from October 30. *Ho hum* has Rove been indicted yet? Move along folks, nothing to see here.

CodePink has always been anti-Military. They team with other similar groups and protest recruiting stations across the country. In July, Rocco DiPippo wrote an article for The Left's War Against the Military at Home, describing the people and projects involved in the increasingly vicious attacks against military recruiters.
The latest attack on the U.S. by its Fifth Column enemies is aimed at stopping the Armed Forces from enlisting new recruits. Faced with a flagging anti-war movement, leftist agitators have shifted gears and are now subverting the War on Islamist Terror by trying to destroy America's ability to maintain a fighting force. Though so far limited in success, this counter-recruitment movement is growing quickly and threatens to wreck Americas's ability to defend itself from its enemies.
Most recently they began a campaign to counter-recruit at area high schools while continuing to harass the legitimate recruiters. Sharon Hughes picked up on the Pinkos plan and exposed it in her article Red Alert on Code Pink! for Accuracy in Media (HT: Insolublog - who is, btw Ann Coulter's alter-ego). On Nov. 17th the Pinkos got a lot more attention here in MD than they expected when members of ProtestWarrior and FreeRepublic showed up in front of the Silver Spring center to protest the protesters. MSM reaction? Another yawn.

The good news is that the New Media has been paying attention and continues to follow and report on the activities of the Pinkos. Sharon Hughes again exposed the laxity of the MSM with an article in NewsBusters, the Media Fails to Report on Anti-War Group's 'Letter from God'.
Why would failing to report on an anti-war group's openly displayed 'Letter from God' be a case for media bias? Because every time President Bush makes reference to his belief in God the mainstream media is all over it, like fleas on a dog.
FreeRepublic members are probably the most focused on CodePink. FReeper Kristinn keeps the pressure on and recently pointed out an article written by Susie "Medea" Benjamin, Support Our Troops, in TheNation (and picked up by CBS News) in which she wrote:
What is the impact on soldiers still in Iraq to learn that the Bush Administration manipulated the intelligence about weapons of mass destruction in order to justify an invasion? How must they feel when they learn that Iraqis don't want us there or understand that their acts of bravery are not making their families safer at home? How demoralizing must it be to see their buddies die in a war that increasing numbers of soldiers don'’t even believe in?
Iraqis don'’t want us there? A war that increasing numbers of soldiers don't even believe in? This is most certainly a surprise to those who are in Iraq and interacting with the citizens. It also doesn't wash with an Iraqi immigrant and fellow FReeper IraqiKurd. In his post Open Letter to Gael Murphy and Medea Benjamin: Why did you donate to my killers? IraqiKurd reveals just what the Pinkos have contributed to the war effort.

I was speaking with a cousin of mine in Iraq and asked them what that kind of money could buy in terms of weapons or military supplies and he told me enough to raise an entire infantry batalion [sic] fully equipped with assault rifles, uniforms and enough high explosives to blow up half of Baghdad. The answer wasn't good enough so I asked him how many Ak-47's he could buy. He told me 7500 ak-47's brand new in the box straight from Russia. So I then asked him how [many] IED's and I was told anywhere between 9,000 and 11,000 powerful enough to take out a humvee.

[...]Medea Benjamin and Gael Murphy why did you send thse guns and high explosives to terrorists? You didn't send money, you sent weapons. You know as well as I that they were not going to buy food, medicine or rebuild schools. If you truely cared about the Iraqis why didn't you donate that money to build a school and hire teachers for the children of Iraq?

No one would like to see CodePink "go away" more than the Pushback originator Andi. She has an archive full of reports from the protests and insights into that miserable bunch of commies.

Why is it important to continue protesting the anti-war protesters? For one thing, because the troops have asked us to. In a Letter from an American soldier... to Marc Morano following the CNSNews story comes the following:
In closing, I would like to thank you for bringing their conduct to the public eye, not only in your article, but on "The Sean Hannity Show."’ I actually began to have some faith in the media again when I heard Morano stand up for us soldiers like he did. I wish there was something that I could do to personally thank him for your actions. But I am going to ask that you please do not stop speaking of these actions at Walter Reed. Please find a way to help stop the protesting at Walter Reed. Please write more articles, ask why they were granted permission, get public officials to speak out on the record and petition people to withdraw their right to protest within a certain distance from a military hospital. It scares me that next will be a fellow soldier's funeral. That is the next step! Please, I ask that you continue to investigate this protest and their rights to be there! Not to stop people'’s freedom of speech, but protect and respect my fellow soldiers.

Sgt. Mark Leach, U.S. Army
Some comments that have been left by Defenders on this site:

Thanks to all of you who go down to oppose our country's pet moonbats...they mean well, God love 'em. Problem is they're just crazy little animals who have to be kept indoors...especially that nut bag holding the "Armistice" sign. I saw that and blurted out "W...T...F...!?" and I was all alone in the room at the time. Appeasers are dangerous and shortsighted people. Last two times we had an "Armistice" led to: 1. Another world war, and: 2. Being in Korea forever (by the way, that war isn't over yet, because we have an ARMISTICE!) Someone hit moonie the moonbat upside the head for me please. - CW

Next time you see one of the wounded warriors, let em know we too remember them. Thank you for taking the Whooop Ass to the streets. Keep attacking! - Capt B

Thanks for the support. It really does matter. -WarriorJason

Can't wait till I get there and we meet. Those Pinkos better run while they can!! I don't need signs to get my point across. Thanks for what you're doing. - CJ

For me, they're all that matter. Semper Gratus!

Next up:

Day 6 - Air Force Wife will host an active-duty guest blogger.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Froze My Toes at Walter Reed

It was cold tonight but enough Freepers showed up at Walter Reed to make the point that we won't stop coming until the commie-Pinkos leave. Unfortunately, it wasn't cold enough to keep them away.

We had a special guest with us tonight. She's not exactly shy, but is reticent about being exposed as an incredibly generous woman.

Some small members of her family made this "poster" to show the wounded warriors how much they care. I don't think the dinosaur is meant to be scary. It's just the artist's favorite thing to draw.

The temperature was predicted to be in the 20s, and we all showed up clothed like the little kid in "A Christmas Story". It's well worth a few hours of cold to be there showing support for the men and women recovering in the hospital.

In her post about tonight's counter-protest, LandryFan tells about a patient of WR who confronted the Pinkos tonight. He left them with no doubt of his disdain for their chosen location to hold an anti-war protest.

Securing the MOAB (Mother Of All Banners) to the lightpole.

This being a holiday week, a lot of our regular Patriots were out of town and/or occupied with kith and kin. The Pinkos on the other hand, don't celebrate American holidays and most likely have no families. OK, that's a little cruel: They have no families that will admit to being kin. At least, not outside of Cuba.


Yes, Code Pink is departing for their fun filled pilgrimage to The Fatherland in late December. From their hate-site, "This New Year's CODEPINK will be organizing a large group of fun-loving and freedom-loving Americans to break George Bush'’s ban on travel to Cuba. Join co-founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, together with other prominent activists from around the country, as we visit with farmers at their co-ops, doctors at their family clinics, dancers at the National Folklore Group, and young people at the ballpark. Don't miss this historic chance to dance salsa, drink mojitos, and visit beautiful beaches all while defending our constitutional rights!!!"

Having given up trying to get decent shots without using a tripod for stability, I put the camera on the brick endpost of a fence. Sure makes a difference.

Speaking of support, or lack thereof, AP reports that 3 MA members of the U.S. House have had a change of heart:

Three years ago, Massachusetts congressmen Martin Meehan, Stephen Lynch and Edward Markey bucked their state Democratic colleagues and cast votes to give President Bush a green light to go to war in Iraq. Since then, the three have renounced their votes and emerged as critics of the way Bush has handled the war.

Bush Lied! We didn't see the PDBs!

But for Meehan, Lynch and Markey, the shift has paid political dividends, helping them mend fences with top state Democratic leaders such as Sen. Edward Kennedy, and anti-war liberals who are active in the party ranks.

Look, we're wearing pink! Please like us again!

"I'd say that we have been the most vocal state delegation in the entire country in criticizing the president's handling of the war in Iraq," said Meehan, an early advocate of a phased troop withdrawal.

Well, that's certainly something to be proud of! In Hellery's book, you are then the most Patriotic, too.

As Bush's popularity slumps, public support for the war crumbles and U.S. casualties mount, Democrats nationwide are stepping up their attacks on the president and pressing for a clearer exit strategy.

"For those contemplating a presidential effort, this helps to get out in front of that issue three years before the first primaries, so they are on record and not waiting until the primaries to change," said Earl Black, a Rice University political scientist.

Yup, get out there early and often demanding that the President do exactly what he's been doing for the last 4 years all the while pretending that its all wrong and a quagmire. Keep screeching "Bush lied!" - it's a lot easier than coming up with something that might actually be helpful.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans and their many allies around the globe will continue to keep the faith. Victory over the terrorists is a more noble and necessary pursuit than victory over one's political opponent.

Despite the truly historic accomplishments achieved in Iraq, there are still difficult and dangerous missions ahead for our troops. Real displays of support at home to counter the depressing MSM war news alleviate the distraction of doubt in our warriors.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving: Part III

What would I do without the Dawn Patrol? Mr. & Mrs. Greyhawk have the perfect post for today. Even if "today" is long after Thanksgiving, its never too late to take their advice.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving: Part II

Stevie Ray Vaughan
1954 - 1990

The best there ever was.

Wiki entry here.

Thanksgiving: Part I

I know you're going to come across many, many blogs with absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving Day posts, and one that you shouldn't miss is Thanksgiving at Insolublog's. I can't give a description that does it justice: just go.

Best Thanksgiving Picture, so far:

Betcha can't guess where I, er,... appropriated it!

(click to go there)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

WarriorJason Is Back

He couldn't just stand on the blog sidelines so he's reincarnated Warrior's Voice as WarriorJason!

It's great to have you back Marine!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Leta the Great!

Do you know someone who seems to be made of pure energy? No, kids don't count! I'm talking about an adult who seems to be everywhere at once, always taking on the biggest jobs, and actually getting results. One such person is "Leta the Great".

CivilWarrior generated quite a bit of interest in the plight of the children who reside in the tiny town of Klokott, Kosovo with his post Catching Up. It also got the attention of his good friend Leta, who immediately set out to fix a big problem.

I can't say it any better than she already has, so what follows is a letter sent by Leta to those who wish to help in her newest project.
Dear Friends,

First of all I want to wish each of you and your families a safe, healthy and relaxing holiday season.

I think all of you know that I am in the process of starting a Non Profit Organization called Progress Through Peace, Inc. Progress Through Peace, Inc. (PTP) has Non Profit status at this time but does not yet have tax exempt status. We have applied for tax exempt status but it has not yet been approved.

The story as to how PTP came about is a long one but began when I "adopted" one Soldier that turned in to many "adopted" Soldiers. As a result of supporting some of them I began working with a local Non Profit Young Adult group in Kosovo and was invited to Kosovo (a province in the former Republic of Yugoslavia) this past year to by that group of young adults that I had been supporting from here. PTP does not yet have a web site but we hope to have it up and running within the next month. The web site will give you much more detailed information about the countries in which PTP is working (right now it is only Kosovo), what projects have been completed and what projects are in the works. Everything has been happening so fast that we haven't been able to keep the cart BEHIND the horse!!! The needs in places such as Kosovo and other post conflict areas is great and, often, urgent. Setting up a Non Profit Organization and gaining tax exempt status in the US is often SLOW and FRUSTRATING!!!! I immediately fell in love with the people of Kosovo and know that you would too if you met them. They are amazing, resilient, caring, humble and grateful to America for the role we played in rescuing them from their awful situation under Milosevic. They DO NOT hold their hands out for money but do ask for tools and resources to allow them to build their nation. How refreshing!!!

I am going to Kosovo (at my own expense) December 18-27, 2005 in order to continue work on several projects as well as to lay the ground work for others. In the meantime I read the entry dated Sunday November 13, 2005 and titled "Catching Up" on the blog spot I met SFC Pointer when I was in Kosovo earlier this year. He, like so very many of our Soldiers, is an amazing individual and there is very little I wouldn't do for him. So, I emailed him about this sewer problem and what it would take to fix it so that this village does not continue to suffer medically from the problem. Since our Soldiers are NOT allowed to solicit funds for ANY reason I want to make it perfectly clear that the idea to raise these funds for this project is in NO WAY SFC Pointer's idea. It is MINE!!! I would like to be able to take the funds to Kosovo when I go in December. The funds will pay for the materials and the military will perform the labor at no charge (they are allowed to do that but not to pay for the materials or raise the funds). I would like for this to be "our" Christmas present to Kosovo and I need for all of you to be a part of "our". The engineers have looked at the project and I have their report if you are interested in seeing it. I also have the Non Profit incorporation papers filed in the state of Tennessee that I can email to you if you are interested in seeing those as well.

The engineers estimate that the materials will cost under 6000 Euros (that's the way they stated it in their report). At today's conversion rate that is around $7000.00 US Dollars.

So, I'm asking each of you to make a donation to this project. ANYTHING. $20.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 whatever you can spare at this time. You will receive a receipt from Progress Through Peace, Inc. for your donation. However, it IS NOT tax exempt at this time. Once we hear back from the IRS about the tax exempt status each of you who donates will be notified. Additionally I'm asking that if you know of anyone who might be interested in being a part of this important and meaningful project that you forward this email to them.

I need to have your donation no later than December 15, 2005 in order to be able to take it with me to Kosovo. I KNOW we can do this. And, having been to Kosovo I KNOW how much this will make the lives better for those who live in Klokott. The average family of 6 lives on $180.00 a month. Unemployment is 70% and 60% of the population is under the age of 30 yet they have HOPE and they are proud. They don'’t "expect" anything yet are incredibly grateful for anything that is done to help to improve their lives.

Please make your donation to:

Progress Through Peace, Inc.

Mail it to:

P O Box 100
Cordova, TN 38088

Thank you all so very much. I will keep you posted as to the progress of this fund raising campaign. Additionally the web site will, eventually, have reports (and hopefully photos) of the project. Since I don't have my PTP email address yet please respond to my business address with any questions or comments.

Leta M Carruth
901-219-7692 Cell

This isn't half of what she has planned for PTP! Leta is working on getting a PayPal account set up to make contributing easier, but in the meantime anything you send by snail-mail would be greatly appreciated.

Defending the Defenders 2

The Push Is On.

Army wife - milblogger - activist Andi of Andi's World is on a mission to counter the MSM's negative and biased reporting on the GWOT. She got off to a great start on November 9th when she appeared at a press conference with Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), Bill Roggio, Steve Schippert and Michael Yon to "to highlight the other side of the War on Terror. The side that you rarely hear about. The side that knows firsthand that accomplishments are indeed taking place."

Sen. Santorum is making an issue of the lousy reporting that is distorting public opinion and plans to present alternative messages in the Senate on a continuing basis. He's recognized the wealth of information being published in milblogs and wants these stories told. To further this goal Andi has devised the 14-Day Pushback which kicks off today on her site.

Check out The Sin of Omission is Costly for the first Pushback.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

"Smoke" Does It Again

The 2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship once again belongs to Tony Stewart. Hooray!

(sorry McWyatt. I'll turn myself in to McEmpire HQ in the morning)

Defending the Defenders

I love Milblogs.

What's not to like? Real news, views, pics & video from the men and women making it happen. And on most of them you can participate! What a gift these brave souls have provided to anyone interested enough to seek it out. Without these precious blogs, how would we know that the MSM is getting it all wrong? News releases on CENTCOM and stories on DefendAmerica are great resources for info on the progress and success of their efforts, but the warriors have so much more to say.

Milbloggers, like everyone else with a blog, love to get feedback and comments. Whether you leave a simple "Thank you" or a dissertation of appreciation, the support you show can mean a lot.

These warriors are well prepared to engage the enemy in mental as well as physical battle. Even moonbat screed comments are entertained and responded to with knowledgeable, factual, patient remarks. Occasionally the 'tards must be monkey-stomped, but heck - they deserved it for picking on their intellectual superiors.

One thing that can't be tolerated is the willfull destruction of a milblog or website by hackers.

Mr. Right and Anna of The Right Place and A Rose by Any Other Name have disturbing news about Grey Eagle's site A Female Soldier 2, and how it has been attacked by trolls who weren't satisfied just to leave venomous remarks. From her site, this is the beginning of the last post.
Congratulations To Those Who Oppose The Soldiers
I wish to express my congratulations to the hackers, vandals, and anti-war visitors who successfully blocked my ability to post any further tributes to the soldiers. I am sure you find victory in preventing myself and others from having a place to read and pay our respects to the Fallen Female Soldiers, and my brother’s in arms, the brave soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division. I can only imagine your satisfaction in justifying the disgrace of men and women who died for this country.
Grey Eagle has created and maintained a terrific site on her own time and dime. She's in Iraq, away from her husband and kids, fighting for the safety, security, and rights that some asshat hackers take for granted. Check out the post on The Right Place for the story and updates. And go to her site and leave a NICE comment, please.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Cold Night at Walter Reed

It was quite chilly tonight and a smaller crowd than usual showed up to support our wounded warriors. Most who came were well prepared for the cold, and brought extra hats and gloves for those who weren't.

Adam faced off early with "Squeegie" who was alone on the Pinko corner. He's only 15 years old, but Adam has developed some strong and well informed opinions about people who say they support the troops but don't support anything they do.

This sign got a great reaction from a car full of soldiers leaving the hospital. One leaned out of the window and shouted "Hippies DO Smell!"

After being assembled in the church parking lot, the MOAB (Mother Of All Banners) is maneuvered out to the street.

The assembled banner is zip-tied to a light pole near the middle, and held on either end by volunteers.

The commie-Pinkos (fully assembled in Cuba) begin their weekly 60's flashback sing along.

Sometimes, I think "Empire" isn't such a bad idea.

Of course, the buzz along the FReeper line tonight was about Rep. Murtha's surrender-monkey comments and the "Cut & Run" bill being debated in the House. Oddly enough, I didn't see any Pinko signs with Murtha's name or quotes. Maybe even they sensed that he'd gone too far and was about to go down in flames.

It's a shame that such an honored warrior would turn against those who are following in his footsteps. Not only did he propose a course of action that would destroy all that the military has achieved so far in Iraq, but he promised the troops, in person, that he would stay the course.

The comments section on Capt. B's last post contains this gem:

Holy Crap Bat Man I could write a whole Blog entry on Sen Murtha. He came here in Iraq a couple months ago. Praising us for what a great job we did. He visited places out west like Haditha and told the Marines there “we are going to let you finish what you started” as I listened. He probed about requirements and gear and moral and was somewhat disappointed that we had what we needed and kept asking well what do you really need trying to find a problem. He defiantly just pissed off a majority of the military now and has gone 180 degree from what he was saying and preaching about “Finishing the job” when he was face to face with us. He has been to Iraq ONCE for 3 days. Everything he is saying now is exactly the opposite of what he was saying when he was with us. He makes sound like he is a front line troop as he speaks. He is two faced and I have seen it first hand standing in front of him as he spoke to us. This is a very sad ploy by the democrats and will do nothing but hurt our troops. Capt B

Well, looks like Murtha engaged in a little "hyping of facts" to fit his agenda.

Thankfully, some Republicans in the House got the bright idea to make every Representative either go on record as a quitter, or shut the hell up! Worked pretty well, too.

3 - quitters McKinney, Serrano, Wexler

403 - Shut yer piehole!

OK, maybe I got a little off topic. It was a slow night.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Milblog Linky-Love II

If you're not reading Capt. B's One Marine's View, then you are:
  • crazy
  • French
  • a hippy-commie-'tard
  • missing out on the best blog-o-whoopass on the net
Case in point: The Wrong Story - today's post blasts the MSM for wrong, incomplete, and lack of reporting. Even embedded "journalists" get it wrong from the field!
"New York Times reporter (embedded) traveling with U.S. forces said an explosion occurred as a squad entered a farmhouse in Obeidi, (its called Ubaydi and for all you reporters out there that's how its spelled, genius) 185 miles northwest of Baghdad (hello, its on the boarder of Iraq and Syria). Insurgents then racked survivors and rescuers with small-arms and grenade fire before other Marines could recover the dead and wounded and kill the attackers, the newspaper said". (Sounds pretty negative doesn't it?)
The Captain sets the record straight and fills in some rather gaping holes with the heroic work he and the Marines are really doing.
Be smart America, support your leaders, we are winning! Semper Fi! -Capt B
I'm really late in linking this one, but Ma Deuce Gunner has finally unleashed his thoughts on the anti-war wackos. Now that he's back from Iraq, safe and sound, MDG has penned an awesome rant in An Open Letter to the Anti-War Crowd.
So, enough with your venomous, acrimonious rantings. If you don't like the fact that your government is making a CONCERTED EFFORT to preserve your freedoms, go somewhere else. You are parasitic dregs, stealing from the people who secure your freedoms, abusing the freedoms to malign them, all the while being behind the shield of protection they so willingly provide.
Check out the comments on the post as well. It's just amazing how much hate some people have for this country.

Sgt. Trevor Snyder is now down range and still very much has The Will to Exist. He's sending back more than just words and pics - he's got videos! My favorite so far is the hilarious "Chow Hall Interview" in this post, but I'd suggest you start at his home page and check out all the posts. Good stuff!

Supporting the troops doesn't always mean giving something to them; it can also mean taking something for yourself. Trevor and his wife are still looking for good homes for a few of the wonderful dogs they've rescued. See the posts of Sept 26th for info about these beautiful pups.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Brief notes from Malogne House

I haven't written about visiting Malogne House the last two weeks, but I have been going there with some great supporters who are bringing more goodies and useful items each week. The lobby ends up packed with supporters, patients and family members and I try to be too many places at once. One of these days I might actually finish a story!

The pic is just of the table in the lobby. There's more "stuff" on the chairs and floor.

I spent quite some time trying again (3rd week) to talk to a Georgian (Republic of) soldier and his wife, but didn't get very far. They are so sweet! I'm going to get one of my Russian coworkers to translate some questions that I can either take to them, or email. I've found a lot of info about Lt. Kutateladze's battalion and the Georgian Army, but I know very little about Misha & Thea as people.

I saw Ken Karcher again. He was injured by an IED in Baghdad. His foot is still very painful from nerve damage, but his spirits seem good.

I met a kooky kid named Kevin Delozier from Georgia (USA) who was injured in Sadr City. He is a whiz in his wheelchair! The whole time we talked in the lobby he maintained a perfectly balanced wheelie. I kidded him that next week I wanted to see him taking the big staircase in it.

I have a special request from an Afghan interpreter named Khan for a warm jacket in medium. He was severerly injured while riding with U.S. Troops 3 years ago when a terrorist threw a grenade in the vehicle. He's doing very well, except he had damage to his left eye that couldn't be treated in Afghanistan. So someone pulled some strings and got him sent here for surgery. He's had two operations and now has his sight back! He's also been offered a job at Ft. Bragg as a translator (I think) and he's really psyched about staying here.

A few of us talked with Kevin Johnson who told us some startling facts about phone cards in Iraq. It seems that they lose between 50% to 80% of their value because the Iraqi or Military phone service is soooo expensive.

He said an alternative that is really good is SPAWAR. The site link I just found is here. Kevin said that the service isn't available everywhere, but that its definitely the best deal around. People can purchase minutes online that soldiers/Marines can use with a PIN that you receive. Might be something to promote.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

WarriorsVoice URL Hijacked

WarriorJason shut down his blog early this month. It has now reappeared as a "porn link" site.

If you have a link to the site (warriorsvoice[dot]blogspot[dot]com) please delete it. Don't give the scumbag any traffic!

I'd like to see the asshat on the receiving end of this!

On a similar note, CivilWarrior's original URL has also been hijacked, but not by a perv. If you have Way Down in Kosovo linked as waydowninkosovo[dot]blogspot[dot]com, add a '1' after 'kosovo' to link the new site.

Suggestion: if you take down your Blogger site, don't delete it, just make it "private" on the Settings tab. That way the URL will still be in your account.

Say It Ain't So Joe!

Bye-bye Bobby Labonte. Why? I don't get it. I must be having a bad dream. Whazzupwidat?

After 11 years with Joe Gibbs Racing, Bobby's leaving for Petty Enterprises! If he thinks this season was bad, 2006 is going to be a nightmare. Just look at the differences in garages:

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Labonte lands in Petty's No. 43
Labonte leaving Gibbs following 2005.

I'm just going to listen to another Texas legend, Stevie Ray Vaughan, sing "The Sky Is Cryin'" over and over until I wake up...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kosovo: Yeah, we're still there!

CivilWarrior has returned to milblogging Way Down in Kosovo after taking a brief, self-imposed hiatus. The reincarnated blog is better than ever and starts out with two eye opening posts.

The first, Kosovo and the "Pax Americana", is a concise history of the conflicted region of Yugoslavia beginning with its creation post WWI and continuing to the present day. It's got maps and everything!

The second post illuminates just what a "diplomat in BDU's fighting ignorance and a bulging waistline armed with an M-9, a double macchiato, and an elliptical machine" does over there. In Catching Up, CW explains his absence from the blogosphere and tells the story of a forgotten little town that's now getting some much needed help.
"The really sad thing is that Belgrade doesn't really care about
these Serbs...they don't even consider them to be real Serbs. so they let them rot in filth and squalor, and we are left to try and clean it up."

Check him out.

Another Day in Paradise is another Kosovo milblog who's author has posted a ton of great pics. Sgt. Tim's got a great sense of humor and his posts are always a good read. You need a MS.Net Passport account to leave comments (which I don't have for my own paranoid reasons [hint: Tim - send me your email address, please!]).

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Veterans' Day at Walter Reed

This shot pretty much says it all.

Every Friday we meet in the same place in front of Walter Reed for the purpose of showing support to our Vets. This Friday was special 'cause it happened to be the official day that the country pays tribute to Veterans. The FReepers and friends celebrated the occasion with enthusiasm.

We often have the pleasure of meeting soldiers who are patients at WR who come out to see what's going on. This week I got to meet none other than Chuck and Carren Ziegenfuss!

Soldier's Angels Project Valour-IT was inspired by Chuck when his injuries led him to find a way to continue blogging "no handed". The project to get voice-activated laptops to other wounded warriors took off when Fuzzibear Lioness volunteered to do the gruntwork of seeking volunteers,
vendors and the creation of the non-profit entity.
A bunch of great bloggers jumped in to spread the word and raise some bucks which resulted in the procurement and distribution of 40 laptops to some very happy guys. Most recently, the Competition between the Services has raised $76,000+ to bring the outside world a little closer to many more wounded heroes.

This small endeavor added to hundreds of other projects across the nation add up to provide a lot of help, support and love to the men and women in uniform that we honor every day.

Meeting Chuck and Carren on Veterans' Day couldn't have been more terrific. For all they've been through (especially in the last week) they both look and sound great. A truly amazing team.

This is the back of a sign I hadn't seen before.

And this is the front.

A view from the small corner looking across towards the gate.

Same corner, looking north.

A rather "pointed" sign.

Then there's the Pinkos. The ever-present, anti-war commie 'tards who show their support by raising money for the terrorists who blow our guys up.

This sign was about as clear as mud. With whom are we to reach an armistice agreement? Hmmm?

Why isn't being a terrorist sympathizer a crime?

Can you read this? Neither could anyone else.
She put it away after we kept asking her to read it to us.

Some new faces.

The Pinko with the glasses came over to ask us to join him in the Lord's Prayer. Not surprising that all his fellow commies are atheists.

From the gate side looking across Georgia Ave. at the MOAB (Mother Of All Banners).

After the Pinkos pack it in, we spread out to all four corners. The wounded on the bus returning from Fran O'Brien's don't see creeps, just a throng of happy faces, waiving flags, and loud chants of "USA! USA! USA!".

More: The Redhunter has has a great post from Friday and lots of background.