Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Froze My Toes at Walter Reed

It was cold tonight but enough Freepers showed up at Walter Reed to make the point that we won't stop coming until the commie-Pinkos leave. Unfortunately, it wasn't cold enough to keep them away.

We had a special guest with us tonight. She's not exactly shy, but is reticent about being exposed as an incredibly generous woman.

Some small members of her family made this "poster" to show the wounded warriors how much they care. I don't think the dinosaur is meant to be scary. It's just the artist's favorite thing to draw.

The temperature was predicted to be in the 20s, and we all showed up clothed like the little kid in "A Christmas Story". It's well worth a few hours of cold to be there showing support for the men and women recovering in the hospital.

In her post about tonight's counter-protest, LandryFan tells about a patient of WR who confronted the Pinkos tonight. He left them with no doubt of his disdain for their chosen location to hold an anti-war protest.

Securing the MOAB (Mother Of All Banners) to the lightpole.

This being a holiday week, a lot of our regular Patriots were out of town and/or occupied with kith and kin. The Pinkos on the other hand, don't celebrate American holidays and most likely have no families. OK, that's a little cruel: They have no families that will admit to being kin. At least, not outside of Cuba.


Yes, Code Pink is departing for their fun filled pilgrimage to The Fatherland in late December. From their hate-site, "This New Year's CODEPINK will be organizing a large group of fun-loving and freedom-loving Americans to break George Bush'’s ban on travel to Cuba. Join co-founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, together with other prominent activists from around the country, as we visit with farmers at their co-ops, doctors at their family clinics, dancers at the National Folklore Group, and young people at the ballpark. Don't miss this historic chance to dance salsa, drink mojitos, and visit beautiful beaches all while defending our constitutional rights!!!"

Having given up trying to get decent shots without using a tripod for stability, I put the camera on the brick endpost of a fence. Sure makes a difference.

Speaking of support, or lack thereof, AP reports that 3 MA members of the U.S. House have had a change of heart:

Three years ago, Massachusetts congressmen Martin Meehan, Stephen Lynch and Edward Markey bucked their state Democratic colleagues and cast votes to give President Bush a green light to go to war in Iraq. Since then, the three have renounced their votes and emerged as critics of the way Bush has handled the war.

Bush Lied! We didn't see the PDBs!

But for Meehan, Lynch and Markey, the shift has paid political dividends, helping them mend fences with top state Democratic leaders such as Sen. Edward Kennedy, and anti-war liberals who are active in the party ranks.

Look, we're wearing pink! Please like us again!

"I'd say that we have been the most vocal state delegation in the entire country in criticizing the president's handling of the war in Iraq," said Meehan, an early advocate of a phased troop withdrawal.

Well, that's certainly something to be proud of! In Hellery's book, you are then the most Patriotic, too.

As Bush's popularity slumps, public support for the war crumbles and U.S. casualties mount, Democrats nationwide are stepping up their attacks on the president and pressing for a clearer exit strategy.

"For those contemplating a presidential effort, this helps to get out in front of that issue three years before the first primaries, so they are on record and not waiting until the primaries to change," said Earl Black, a Rice University political scientist.

Yup, get out there early and often demanding that the President do exactly what he's been doing for the last 4 years all the while pretending that its all wrong and a quagmire. Keep screeching "Bush lied!" - it's a lot easier than coming up with something that might actually be helpful.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans and their many allies around the globe will continue to keep the faith. Victory over the terrorists is a more noble and necessary pursuit than victory over one's political opponent.

Despite the truly historic accomplishments achieved in Iraq, there are still difficult and dangerous missions ahead for our troops. Real displays of support at home to counter the depressing MSM war news alleviate the distraction of doubt in our warriors.