Monday, May 21, 2007

S.1348 -- The 2007 "Death to America!" Act

This piece of legislative treason is the best evidence yet that our Congressional "Leaders" view US as slaves and serfs. This back-room bill declares U.S. citizenship to be irrelevant and virtually detrimental to those holding it. Legal, taxpaying, law abiding U.S. Citizens are the oppressors of those "unfortunate people who just want to work and keep their families together", and must be made to pay for the transgression of being prosperous.
Putrid bags of excrement who believe that YOU have no right to object to the rape and pillage of your hard earned wealth or your Constitutional rights.

It doesn't matter what the final bill looks like (or how heavy the stack of paper becomes). When the President signs the stinking mass it will dilute your voice in government and your ability to be self-determining by at least 30%. Don't believe the talking heads who envision 12-20 million new "legals" -- it will be more like 100 million in just a few short years.

The term "legal" will replace the once coveted status of "citizen". As a "legal" you will be granted all the rights, privileges and entitlements of "citizens", but without those annoying responsibilities. You don't need no steenking papers, you just need a real or forged "Z"-visa and voila!
  • Free education,

  • free primary care for you and your entire extended family at any American hospital's emergency room,

  • free Social Security benefits (yes, "legals" don't have to work as long as you and I to qualify and they can use fake records to "prove" that they contributed) that can be sent straight to your South-of-the-Border bank account,

  • voting rights (you betcha it's already happening)

  • free legal protection (the American Criminal Liberties Union is now accepting applications to become the first "legal" to hit the jackpot in a Sue-the-crap-out-of-"citizens" class action lawsuit).

  • Thousands of $$ in cash from the "Welfare by 1040" program when you file your tax return and claim 55 dependents. You'll get a 'refund' that dwarfs the amount withheld from your minimum wage salary!
The supposed penalties to be levied from Z-Visa applicants will never be imposed. Employers will not be fined or face criminal charges for hiring undocumented people any more than they are now. Everyone here, no matter how they got here, will be considered "legal" by virtue of standing on U.S. soil. There's no way Congress or the President will cut us any slack in their relentless punishment of the truly criminal class of "citizens".

What to do? You can bend over and take it like a European -or- write, call, email, fax your CongressCritters and demand that this "Amnesty" bill be shelved and that the laws already on the books be enforced.

Fellow "citizens", remember one thing: You have NOT commited any crime! Did you force people from other countries to come here illegally? Did you even invite them to come here? Is it your fault that it sucks to live everywhere else in the world? Well, maybe that is our fault -- we've worked damned hard to create and maintain the prosperity made possible by our Founding Fathers, but we owe the illegals NOTHING! They should try and fix their own crappy governments rather than destroy ours.

Don't let the autocrats in Washington throw open our borders and allow the world to treat our "citizens" as criminals who must continuously pay for the crime of being a U.S. Citizen.

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