Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus

And he resides in Maryland! From today's Washington Times comes this wonderful holiday gift:

More aliens seek driver's licenses in Maryland

Since March, the average weekly number of driver's license applications by immigrants and illegal aliens has nearly doubled in Maryland, where legal residency is not required of applicants, according to the state Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).

The number of out-of-country license applications, or those for noncitizens, has surged from an average of 946 a week to 1,800 a week since March, MVA spokesman Buel Young said.

...Local immigrants say illegal aliens are contributing to Maryland's surge in license applications by flocking to the state when their visas expire or by using the Maryland addresses of relatives.

"I heard that it's easier [to get licenses] here because in other states you need documents, but here it's not required," said 16-year-old Marcela, a Salvadoran immigrant who lives in Silver Spring and did not want to give her last name.
Antonio Lopez, a Guatemalan immigrant living in Hyattsville, said it is common for illegals to come to Maryland to apply for a license because a green card or Social Security card isn't required.

Cameroonian immigrant Nelson Manga, 35, who is obtaining his green card, said it depends on what a license will be used for. "Some people want to use it to identify themselves as permanent residents. That's not right," he said.

When I moved to this Socialist utopia, I was turned away from the MVA because I had nothing but my Virginia drivers license, Social Security card, government photo id, etc. as way of identification. "You must bring an original birth certificate and/or current passport!" Fortunately for me, I was born in D.C. and would not have to travel to some distant state to get the precious document. Unfortunately, I was born in D.C. and would have to wrestle the precious paperwork from the grip of surely, resentful public employees.
"Our task at the MVA is to determine whether someone is in fact who they say they are, so we require proof of age, identity and Maryland residency," Mr. Young said. "If someone provides proper documentation such as bills or lease agreements establishing residency, we must accept it," the MVA spokesman said. "Because proof of legal presence is not required in Maryland, we do not ask if you're here legally or not."
WTF? I could have saved myself a whole lotta time and effort by simply showing up with a phony lease agreement that I filled out in the parking lot. Instead, I followed the stupid rules and they took away my middle name 'cause is wasn't on my birth certificate!
A suit filed last year by CASA [de Maryland] against the MVA claims the agency, among other things, makes it more difficult for immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. "The MVA has for a long time been known for putting up extensive barriers for anyone not born in the United States," Miss Propeack said. "Instead of looking at the totality of what people are submitting and telling them what to do, they're doing it piecemeal, pointing out another problem each time people come back."

Lenny Campello, a Cuban immigrant, said illegals shouldn't be able to get licenses at all.

But Miss Propeack said illegals will continue to drive without licenses.
Well, isn't that special! What do you bet that all these immigrants of dubious legality also left the building with a brand new voter registration card to boot? Feliz Navidad!