Monday, May 08, 2006

Spring and Sunsets at Walter Reed

Another beautiful spring evening outside the front gate at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The rain held off as we held the 55th Friday celebration of our Troops and the wounded warriors who are recovering inside the hospital.

No police surveilance tonight. Not that we mind the cops being around -- they like us -- but they've been a constant presence the last few weeks. Oh well...

About 2 dozen FReepers and friends showed up tonight compared to half that number for the commie Pinkos. We even had one gentleman from India get off the Metro bus and come stand with us most of the evening!

This is concretebob's flag pole flying the U.S. and Corps flags.
Speaking of the USMC, (I'll make any excuse!) Marine Corps Field Historian LtCol Covert has a new post! This is one of two articles he wrote for Leatherneck magazine and it details the work the Marines have done to train, equip, and motivate the Iraqi Department of Border Enforcement.
By the end of his tour in Iraq, Desimone saw radical changes in the effectiveness of the border police forces. “The border police are locking people up and are becoming more and more effective daily. We measure their success on how many arrests they make and how many people they are stopping and interdicting. They’ve come a long way – from guys in Metallica t-shirts and flip-flops to what we’ve got now – jundee in uniform, armed, conducting patrols and making arrests.

Marine Corps Combat Artist WO MD Fay has several new posts, and has been having problems with Blogger and images (Gee! what a surprise! /sarcasm). In Afghan Images, Afghan Memories and ...Continued he's got wonderful stories, pics and his own amazing artwork on display.

I finally was "first" to comment on Taco's site! You go now and read Save your Mommy, Kill a Commmie. This is part 2 of his "How I became a Marine despite the dire warnings of my parents" series.

One of Walter Reed's resident bloggers, Stg. Elijah Allen of Contact Right...Taking Fire, has created an image for the designation POWR (Prisoner of Walter Reed). Check it out!

Twelve little Pinko 'tards all in a row.

Mothers' Day will be very special this year for all those "mothers" who will gather on the Mall to protest the country that the rest of us love. Rumor has it that the Sheehag and Susan Serandon will be there. Fortunately, the Minuteman Caravan to D.C. should be arriving Friday night and may collide with the commies and run them over. ...Ok, I can wish can't I?

"Princess" came back tonight. He and Perry jammed a little too hard and "Princess" looks to have a headache...

Trooprally [Mr.], Philip from India, and JVB. Philip was the one who got off the Metro bus to join us. He has promised to return.

Sisku Hanne's sister was flying higher than Alan Shepard on another famous May 5th after getting an Airborne cap from a soldier passing in a car. She thought he was trying to touch her flag with the hat and she stretched out to let him touch it, but he kept motioning for her to come closer and finally she "got it". HOOAH! She probably has yet to touch down, she was sooooo happy and thankful.

The lovely ladies on the left brought a whole lot of enthusiasm. They screamed and cheered and had all the cars and trucks honking like mad.

Sunset at the gate.

No more buses from Fran O'Brien's. There was a WR "school bus" that came thru the gates at about the time the Fran's bus would have, but I'm not sure if it was carrying wounded warriors from the Hilton. Sgt. Allen's got a post about the last supper.