Friday, May 05, 2006

Hooray! I'm on a new blogroll and you should be, too!

The 101st Fighting Keybordists is where it's at.

Frank J in his infinite wisdomness has the best example/excuse for this new list of listers and why you should follow the herd and jump off the same cliff as the rest of us lemmings.

Hey, fmragtops started this line of thought. Follow it right over to Captains Quarters and sign up.

OK, maybe I'm like the last one to find it and you are all on it already. There are sooooo many that I haven't seen them all but I saw lots of people's blogs that I used to visit on a regular basis but because I'm a loser I haven't been to in a really long time and I feel bad about that 'cause they're all excellent bloggers and deserve the traffic and comments and kudos. Like FIAR and fmragtops, and DPT and DETECTIVE Wyatt Earp and JimmyB and Professor RWN, and doll, and Insolublog and a bunch of others others. I am also still working on my sidebar links and there are several blogs I just haven't gotten to add because I'm such a loser.