Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Conference Wrap-up

Panel 1 - Milblogs: Past, Present and Future
CJ, SMASH, B5, John (obscured) and Steve S.

It was this single caveat that enabled an agenda-driven media establishment to shroud, obscure and effectively steal the honor of honorable men like John, forever altering the course of their lives.

MilBlogs, especially those written in-theater, changed that. Permanently.

Never again will the Walter Cronkites of another day or another war have a monopoly on communication of the ground situation that could lead to disastrous manipulation.

This small quote summarizes perfectly the reason for having a Milblog Conference and celebrating the fact that there are such things as milblogs. Check out Stolen Honor Reclaimed by Steve Schippert for the rest of his story from Saturday.

First, all glory and huzzas to Andi for her brilliant idea to hold the conference and all her hard work for pulling it together in such a spectacular way. You ROCK!

Conference opened by Col. Austin Bay.

#1 Panelists: Buzz Patterson, LtC USAF (Ret), Moderator
CJ (A Soldier's Perspective (Ret))
Lt SMASH (The Indepundit)
Matty O'Blackfive and his wrap-up
John Noonan (OpFor)
Steve Schippert (Threatswatch)

Panel 2 - Milblogging Family Style
Andi, Carla, Carren, Chuck and Deb

#2 Panelists: Andi (Welcome to Andi's World), Moderator and Mega-promoter
Carla (Some Soldier's Mom)
Carren and Chuck Z (From my position...on the way!) and after.
Deb (Marine Corps Moms)

Panel 3 - Blogging from Theater
Col. Hunt, Jeff, Fred, Bill, Capt B, MDFay (CJ in foreground)

#3 Panelists: Col. David Hunt (Two Babes and a Brain)
Jeff (Dadmanly)
Fred (In Iraq For 365)
Bill Roggio (ThreatsWatch/The Fourth Rail)
Capt B (One Marine's View) and his post-conference post
WO Mike Fay (Fire and Ice)

The last panel was rapid-fire as Col. Hunt kept everyone on their toes and moving fast.

Through it all there ran the live-chat, moderated by the Greyhawks of Mudville. It must have been like herding cats! I tried to check in a couple of times, but couldn't keep up with chatter and ramblings going on. It seemed rather childish and nonsensical... am I jealous? Oh hell yeah! I missed a lot of fun!

Anyhoo, here are some pics. I promised a lot of them and 1) I didn't take enough and 2) too many of the ones I did take didn't turn out. I really need a new camera that has better stabalization, faster focus and save. If anyone's got suggestions, please feel free to comment.

FReepers Concretebob and IraqiKurd

Front of Capt. B and back of Cbob. Marty Horn (AnySoldier.com) in background.

Col. Hunt

Where's Taco?

Pentagon Channel's McMahon.

La Shawn Barber typing away...
probably on this.

The Church of What?$?

CJ asking JP questions and complaining that the audience camera showed his bald spot.

Thanks to SK/Mrs. Diva, we have this picture of Sgt. Allen licking JP/Boobah at Fran O'Brien's Friday night.

JP/Boobah getting a question in.

JP/Boobah encroaching on Panel 3

JP/Boobah finally getting interviewed.

A terrific time was had by all. Castle Argghhh! has a terrific wrap-up, and Sgt. Hook has some intel you won't find anywhere else.