Monday, April 17, 2006

Pro-LEGAL Americans Rally April 23rd

Want to do more than phone and email your frustrations over our open-borders and lack of immigration enforcement? Are you angry enough at our noodle-spined elected leaders to spend an afternoon exercising your First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances? Well, here's your chance.

FReeper extraordinaire Kristinn Taylor will be on the Mall in D.C. on Sunday, April 23 with his American flag and his love for this country. It would be really great if he weren't alone.
The pro-illegal alien forces are counting on you to be intimidated by their large numbers and perception of power. I am not intimidated. I will be planting my American flag and making my stand for secure borders, no amnesty and enforcement of our immigration and employment laws next Sunday, April 23rd, at 2 p.m. on the National Mall at 7th Street in Washington, D.C. (near the Smithsonian museums.)
Unlike the pro-illegals rallies, this one will be conducted by and for legal citizens and legal immigrants who don't want 10s of millions of lawless insurgents to be granted amnesty. From the site Secure Our Borders:
I've spoken at pro-American rallies before, both small and large. But this time, it'll be just me and my flag. But that flag represents millions of patriotic Americans -- heroes of the past who established this nation, heroes of today who defend it with everything they've got, and everyday heroes who have LEGALLY immigrated to this great nation to live the "American dream."

...I figure there won't be hundreds of thousands of people standing with me on the National Mall. Most Americans are busy just trying to live their lives -- go to their jobs, come home to their families, go to church or synagogue on the weekend, maybe have some fun with sports or hobbies... most of us really don't have time to "march in the streets" at the drop of a hat. But I have seen for myself that one man or woman can make a difference.

So it may just be me standing there with my American flag, demanding that Congress do their job and secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws FIRST, instead of granting AMNESTY to millions of illegal aliens. I might be all alone. But I figure, it's worth it. This is America... and I think it's time to take a stand for the greatest country in the world.

Maybe you'd like to join me that day. Just show up; bring your American flag; maybe bring a sign for those legislators to see, respectfully letting them know how you feel about this issue...

... And bring your love for our country.

God bless America.
D.C. has always been a liberal's Mecca so we aren't expecting your typical anti-fill-in-the-blank sized crowd, but sometimes a few people can make a lot of noise. Now is the time to make your views known in person.

See you Sunday!
UPDATE: ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: 9/11 Families for a Secure America is holding a similar rally at Lafayette Park on Monday, April 24 at 10 a.m. We spoke today [Kristinn did, not me] and decided to fold our rallies into one on Monday at Lafayette Park.

Too bad... I gotta work.