Friday, March 17, 2006

Pics You Don't Want To Miss

Exclusive to FreeRepublic - see this great post about the latest operations in Iraq conducted by British, U.S., and Iraqi military working together!

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures that you'll never see on CNN!

On a related note, some bad guys are going to be wishing it was all just a bad dream as the Nightmares have arrived.
"The Marines are excited about being here," said [Gunnery Sgt. Christopher] Evans, a native of Pasadena, Texas. "Our job remains virtually unchanged from back home. The only difference is we are not flying any training ordnance. All the jets go out with live bombs to directly support the ground combat effort. My Marines are chomping at the bit and are ready to make history."
I can't think of a cooler name for these guys! OORAH!