Thursday, March 09, 2006

HTML Edjumacation

Sorry for the lack of posting here and for not visiting the terrific blogs in my sidebar. I'm not slacking! I'm just ssslllooooowwwwww.....

I've been giving myself a crash-course in HTML using this site and as test beds with mixed results. I'm sure most of the things that just don't work are due to my ignorance. One thing I know for sure - Dreamweaver kicks ass! It only took two whole evenings to produce this piece of crap! (Note: "PleaDeal" spelled backwards is "GunnNutt")

My multi-talented baby sister also turned me on to a great site for CSS (cascading style sheet) examples. Check out Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design. Amazing stuff! (gawd, I'm such a geek).

I've registered the domain using BlueHost (Thanks Trevor!) and in about two or three years I expect to actually have it up and with some kind of content. Hooray!

Thanks for bearing with me and please check out the folks who are waaaay better than me in the sidebar, especially The Will to Exist.