Monday, February 27, 2006

Celebrating Heroes at Walter Reed

Despite the cold, blustery weather, we had a terrific turnout this week. We were joined by 12 (at least) College Republicans from GWU who brought plenty of youthful exuberance.

Here's Jeff H. striking a very Centurion pose near the gate.

What a great bunch of kids! They jumped right in grabbing signs and flags and making lots of noise. It was great to see so many new, fresh faces and to see the kind of people that will be leaders in the future.

We may complain about the cold while waving our flags and holding signs, but some people brave much worse to show their support. The great people of Patriot Guard Riders recently rode to the funeral of Lt. Garrison Avery in Lincoln Nebraska. They had to make sure the family was surrounded by citizens who truly appreciated the sacrifice made by Lt. Avery and to prevent "Reverend" Fred Phelps and his band of asshats from being heard and seen.

From the post at Soldiers' Angels Germany

We got up at 5 this morning, to get ready and on the road to meet up with our convoy to head to Nebraska --- The temperature at the bank on the highway said 27 degrees, but with the 40 mile per hour winds, it actually felt like about 10. ...The wind was cutting like razors through the riders' hands and faces -- they were all bundled up plenty, but the wind was inescapable.

An unofficial count of nearly 250 bikes showed up!!! Grab a hanky or two and read the whole report.

Also from SA Germany is an update about the Sheehag protest planned for next month. There will be a counter-protest!

Stefan Prystawik, a German writer in Bonn, is working to stage a counterprotest. On his Web site, at, Prystawik characterizes Sheehan as “the great-great grandmother of all Bush haters.”

Since we can't all be in Germany for the festivities, there is still a way to participate. You can send support to the wounded warriors via SA as either cards and letters or by helping with their Patient Projects.

Even our good friends in the Great White North are behind us when it comes to protesting at military hospitals.

Of course, the yunguns' had to go waaaaay down the block and say "Hi" to the commie Pinkos. The meeting didn't last very long as the Pink 'tards weren't in the mood for conversation during their "vigil".

Having fulfilled their requirement for confrontation, the students made their way back to the "good" corners and continued celebrating.

These cops were midway between the FReepers and the Pinkos for most of the night. They didn't approach anyone, so I assume they were just keeping an eye on things.

Did I mention again how great the D.C. cops are? No foolin'; these guys really are terrific!

I didn't bother taking many pics of the Pinkos this week. There was too much fun going on up the block. Plus, I had the wrong resolution set on the camera (*blush*) and didn't realize it until I got home and started going thru the pics. Rats! Some of these pics just aren't very good.

Nevertheless, a good time was had by all. We got lots of honks, waves and cheers and several vets stopped by to let us thank them in person. It never ceases to be a thrill to meet these wonderful warriors!

As usual, you wouldn't know it from watching the news or reading most of the big newspapers, but there is real progress being made in Iraq. Our military is training the Iraqi military to be self-sufficient and there are many stories that prove we are succeeding. Take this post from Mark Glesne of War and Political Honesty:

As we rolled through the streets, I couldn't help but watch in excitement as the Iraqi Colonel we have been working with got out of his armored vehicle and began walking the streets. Of course he had his personal security detachment with him at all times (including my good friend Salah) but he was quick to walk the streets, meeting and greeting the local population. It was almost as if he was conducting the "fear not, there's a new sherriff in town" walk. It was great. His security team handed out the large Iraqi flags that the IA vehicles were displaying and the civilians proudly waved them as we slowly rolled by - led by the Colonel himself.

This first Battalion sized mission with the Iraqi Army was a complete success. Glesne's opinion of his students couldn't be higher as he reports "There is no doubt in my mind that this country is making the necessary advances toward their freedom and security. People may not like how long it is taking, but when you see what I witnessed again yesterday, you understand that training these men correctly - at the expense of time - is worth it."

It's reports like this that Pinkos fear and Patriots celebrate!

The two pics with the blue borders were taken by iMacMan. He's got a much better camera than mine and a killer flash. I'm really jealous! Thanks for the photos, iMM!

Thanks must go out to JP at who has pimped a most excellent Marine's blog - Midnight in Iraq. If you're a fan of Capt B, you'll like Midnight and his LOL sense of humor. For instance:

I’m talking 4 seasons of “24,” 1.5 seasons of “Lost,” and a metric shit-ton of movies…even bad ones like “The Stepford Wives.”
He wants some projectile laundry? He shall have it. He’d better borrow a flak jacket, because next week my dirty drawers are coming over his head at 35 miles/hour.
We were part of a little-bitty rolling can of whoop-ass.
1935- Make decision on whether I have earned a crack cookie (our slang for these chocolate macadamia nut cookies that are addictive as crack).
1935:01 - Decide that I have, indeed, earned a crack cookie.
1936- Cookie, cookie, cookie!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! ...OK, is it just me that thinks this stuff is funny? Seriously though, go check him out.

This is a message in which I truely believe! Just like it's taken a couple of decades for history to view favorably the great accomplishments of Ronald Reagan, it will take some time for "common knowledge" to reveal the dramatic improvement of life on planet Earth due to Bush's vision and steadfast commitment.

Is the President perfect? Heck no! I still can't figure out what he's thinking on the border issue and this whacky 'temporary worker' thing. The best that's going to do is institutionalize a second-class caste which will morph into another victim group.

He tried to do the right thing with Social Security - that didn't last too long. Stoopid commies shouted down the voices of reason and now we're doomed to paying out the yingyang for the gubmint telling us we don't need to plan or work for our own retirement. I think he should have continued to educate the public and stayed on it for a while longer.

To make matters worse, the Medicare Drug & Viagra Entitlement Act is the biggest boondoggle I ever hope to see! Why aren't Hillary and Teddy jumping for joy over this socialist outreach program? Oh, yeah - they're celebrating in private *hic* planes.

But ya gotta admit that he's on the money with the way the GWOT has been prosecuted. Yeah, yeah - it hasn't been perfect, but jeesh! even with the bumps along the way (yes I call them 'bumps') at least he has the cajones to have tried!

We are safer today than we were 5 years ago!

Freedom is reigning over more territory than it was 5 years ago.

Americans are enjoying unprecedented prosperity despite the naysayers who compare the economy to the Great Depression.

Our military scares the beejebus out of every would-be despot! Unfortunately, the State Departement (but not Condi!) is filled with weak-kneed politicos who'd rather sing Kumbaya than swing the "big stick."

Because George W. Bush will never back down or falter in his devotion to the troops and the mission he's given them, warriors like the ones on this bus returning from Fran O'Brien's will never doubt their honorable place in history.