Monday, February 20, 2006

Still There at Walter Reed

A very special guest joined us on this President's Day weekend in front of Walter Reed: the first President!

GW (or a reasonable facsimile) thanked the troops for all their hard work and dedication to the country.

Landry Fan has more on this Founding Father's attendance in her post Outside Walter Reed. She's also got a terrific update about Josh Sparling with pics!

We had a small crowd tonight. Maybe it was the holiday weekend, the incredibly bad traffic (aaarrrrgggghhh!), or the seasonably cold weather. In any event, we covered ALL FOUR CORNERS but it was a stretch.

I hope all the usual suspects return next week, and maybe a few new faces as well. Don't be afraid of the cold! We have coffee, hot chocolate and Micky D's is only a block and a half up the road.

I really missed being away for a week. Its a very special time each week that I look forward to (except that traffic!) with pleasure. If you've got gas money and time, please come out this Friday and show your support to our wounded warriors and their caregivers.

A real hero gives a "thumbs up".

Another hero laments: Through the past 8 mos in Afghanistan and a year in Iraq, the biggest down fall without a doubt hasn’t been the service members completing the mission or a lack in body armor, tanks or battle equipment, its been the media support back in the states. Without fail the media has done its best to downplay the elections, create doubt and instability. Sure they covered the battle of Fallujah but that was easy for them. Now, when the rubber meets the road, where are they? Where are the stories? [There are other] very important things happening in the world that should be reported on to inform America, Instead they are busy reporting about show dogs escaping!!!

You guessed it? Yes, another edition of No Shit News from Capt. B.

I tried watching the news for about 2 minutes this weekend. It just wasn't worth it. Who cares anymore about the hunting accident with the VP? It will be worth a million jokes (a lot of them pretty funny!) but its not news fer cryin' out loud!

From an editorial Our Military Remains Ever Loyal And Strong.
Much Of Our National Media Does Not
on WTOC (Savanah, GA) Bill Cathcart writes:

It’s always been our great military that has kept us sovereign and free, no thanks to the bulk of today’s national media, who are thankfully, now, being pushed to the curb by new information alternatives, both traditional and internet-based. It’s our courageous military members who bear the burden of incarcerating or incinerating the lunatic barbarians whose death-wish will forever be to kill us. Said President Reagan: "No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women." Thank heavens for those brave and patriotic men and women who continue to step forward, don the uniform of our nation, and do whatever it takes to preserve our freedom and our future.

I couldn't agree more!

A group of conservative college students joined us tonight. In they're quest for knowledge, they decided to visit the commie Pinkos who continue to hold their "vigil" waaaay down the block.

These peace-loving weiners actually became violent when the college kids engaged them in debate! The hippy with the flags on the end hit one of the students with a rolled up flag when the student pointed out that the "peace sign" flag voilated the law.

Comrade Bruce (funny-hat guy) screamed obscentities at the students when he perceived that they'd voilated Mrs. Bruce's personal space.

This passing pooch was curious and quite amused by the Pinkos.

Most people don't find them all that funny. Sergeant Steven Boggess wrote recently:

This same anti-war crowd is now asking for help with its numbers. They say "please help us if you believe we have a right to our simple vigil, if you can trust us not to ever do any harm to any of our veterans. Please join us sometime between seven and nine p.m. any Friday evening and show the world you don't believe in the lies told about us and that you believe in our right to have our vigil for our soldiers."

From what I know, Code Pink has already done harm to the soldiers in the hospital by its sheer presence across the street from soldiers who have given so much so that these anti-war and anti-Americans can protest the soldiers who are in the hospital.

"Princess" attempting to block tgslTakoma from
photographing his comrades.

The knowledge that the soldiers have of this group's presence in its protest of the war is enough to do harm to the soldiers mentally and emotionally. The group however, can only see what they want to see, and also want others to validate their presence across the street by coming to join them in protest.

Read the rest of Code Pink: The vigil outside Walter Reed Army Hospital at Renew America.

The commies just don't get it. They say that they've spoken to the troops inside the hospital and that they have found the wounded to be in agreement with the Pinkos. I think the hippies are delusional! Of course, "Princess" couldn't come up with any names to verify his claims.

FReeper Albion Wilde made some great new banners.

One hero that's coming home soon is a Marine Corps Field Historian who writes the milblog The Daily Grind. Its hard to imagine anyone having second thoughts about coming home from Iraq, but the LtCol is having them in The Journey Home

I am looking forward to the reunion with my family. Yet, ironically, I am saddened to leave this god-forsaken place, to leave behind the Marines with whom I've lived and worked, my brothers, the men who are part of me and I them. I don't want to leave, not just yet, I haven't finished what I started, Please, I'm not ready to go....

It is time. A confusing time. Happy and sad. As if I'm losing something; It's hard, I don't understand why it has to feel this way...The end of my journey is close at hand. The long road home has begun...

Welcome home Sir!!! and Well Done!

Here's a few more photos of the FReepers and supporters.

We were fooled tonight by the appearance of the shorter bus, and thought that the big bus from Fran O'Brien's had not rolled tonight. As we were packing up, the big bus finally came. We shouted and waved as usual, but darn it! we didn't give the show of support we wanted. Next week we will wait!