Friday, February 03, 2006

Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This wacky D.C. weather! Temps in the mid 60's in February, no less. My daffodils are sprouting. Little do they know that any day now will bring a week of sub-freezing death! There goes my spring garden...

I've been really distracted lately and can't put more than 2 thoughts together; thus, light posting.

Doll over at FreedomWatch is calling for a Boycott of the WaPo - don't just use it for pet doodoo, stop buying that rag altogether! She's done a lot of research and lists dozens of articles with 'tudes to prove her point. Check it out.

Tom The Redhunter writes about the nasty cartoon in his own piece.

basil's Blog Interviews are still open for questions. You've got until 2/19 to submit questions for your's truly, and only until the 12th for Peakah's interrogation er, questions.

Have you visited SandGram yet? NO??? Why the hell not!?! Major "Taco" Bell, USMC should be required reading for everyone. He's funny, smart, handsome, witty, and (what was it his Mom said?...) Oh yeah - he eats his spinach! OK, I made that part up... Go read Sand in my Crack for starters.

This time next week - I'll be drunk. More about that later.

One more - Capt. "BBQ King" Z says it best in Hurt's, don't it?.
What next, a cartoon of a C-130 flying into the Wapo headquarters--"What secret mission from the Joint Chiefs?" C'mon, Tolles, you know you can't wait to compare us Soldiers to Terrorists. Now go wrap yourself up in the First Ammendment and suck your thumb to sleep--I hope you get into an accident on your way to work, and wake up a quadruple amputee, you son of a whore. If I ever meet you, you're due for a nine-fingered ass-whooping, and I will take great joy in breaking every last bone in your hands before shoving them up your ass.
Aaahhhh, nothing beats a Chuck rant! Check out his "editing" of said comic, too.