Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Smell of Victory at Walter Reed

It begins.

FreeRepublic and Protest Warriors on commie CodePinko corners.


See Code Pink Retreats from Walter Reed-Freepers Win! for the initial reports and subsequent comments and action.

In brief, the commie 'tards left us an opening and an enterprising patriot jumped in with both jackboots. The Pinkos failed to renew their protest permit and concretebob snagged their corners.

"This Corner under New Management"

Pinkos Bruce and wife arrive and the news is broken to them. Bruce didn't think a lack of permit was reason enough for us to stay on the corner. He whined "You know this is our corner, so why don't you just move along?" Like THEY
would ever be that nice?

Sorry commie - You snooze, you lose!

It was great to see the looks of confusion and angst on their faces. As a few more Pinkos wandered up for their weekly blood dance, they huddled and whispered to each other, trying to think of some way to get us to leave. They hung around and held their signs between us.

BufordP with the "Hippies Smell" sign next to comrade Wolf.

Mr. Sparling was handing out
beaded necklaces made by a group of Texas schoolchildren for his son Joshua and the other wounded warriors. Bruce claimed that he was not a religeous person and didn't want a necklace with a cross on it!
So much for supporting the Troops!

As the Pinko "big dogs" (read "bitches") arrive, the threats began.

bmwcyle and Doctor Raoul offered to call the cops for the
commies. Allison Yorra had the excuse "Permits lapse and people get busy...". Too busy to support the wounded?

We're not too freakin' busy!!

What a night! This was one for the history books of FreeRepublic v. CodePink. The satisfaction of seeing them in defeat was awesome.

Try as they might, they knew they had been outsmarted and out foxed.

Eventually they huddled together and decided to take their little "vigil" down the block.

Waaaay down the block!

Then the real celebrating began.

Sisku Hanne said it better than anyone. "Concrete 'What's my name, who's your daddy?' Bob was the HERO, totally punking and pawning the Pinkos! He rightfully earned the honor of planting the Marine and U.S. flags and Protest Warrior banners, turning previously pink corners to glorious red, white and blue!"

"A gentlemen was walking down the street and stopped at our corner with a sly smile on his face. Nodding to the 'corner under new management', he said 'Something's different. Things are looking really good around here'. I said, 'Yeah, we decided to do a little redecorating'. He chuckled and said, 'Well I like what you've done. It's a nice improvement!' Another gentleman pulled his minivan to the curb so his adorable little daughter could wave at us, putting her tiny palm to the window glass."
concretebob - OUR HERO!

"Beautiful clear, warm weather(for January) and no distasteful pinko gauntlet to run allowed quite a few of our recovering heroes and their SO's to come out and say 'hello'. What an honor! And Mr. Sparling is such a great guy - he gifted us with lovely cross necklaces thoughtfully sent to Joshua by a class of schoolchildren from Texas. He was the night's unofficial 'cheerleader' tirelessly visiting corner to corner all night long."

"Meanwhile, the disgraced and discomposed Pinkos huddled miserably halfway down the street, as the lights from their gratuitous little 'vigil' candles quickly faded to nothing."

"It was a soul-stirring moment when the WR bus came back from dinner. The driver swung into the entrance and stopped for quite a long time, turning on the inside light so we could cheer our beloved heroes and see their smiling faces. Chants of 'USA! USA! USA!' swelled as we exchanged hearty waves and thumbs-up with them. On the opposite side of the light a smaller WR transport van was also honking wildly, joining in for a heroes welcome."

As the Pinkos finally gave up for the evening, Tom the RedHunter and I walked down past their new hangout to get some shots of the losers. They quickly broke up the pity-party and headed
for their cars. Too much disgrace for one evening!

The taunting continued from the victors as the commies slunk away. With cries of "Pelosi says thanks!" we bid them goodnight and good riddance.

Sisku Hanne: "It was tough to go to sleep, with a face cramped from smiling, LOL! But I look forward to the new chapter of this FReep, because it's not over yet. The Pinkos may have scuttled halfway down the block but they are still there, and as long as they are, we will continue to counter their 'wolf in sheep's clothing' protest disguised as a "vigil". No soldier should ever have to be exposed to their disgusting treason! How many of our heroes came to WR as a result of the $600,000 Code Pink sent to the insurgents? How many of our heroes have been maimed or killed because Gael Murphy and Cindy Sheehan publicly proclaimed the 'right' of the insurgents to shoot at our troops? Commie-worshipping Pinkos give aid and comfort to the enemy, we will NEVER give them an unopposed moment. We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail!"

For once, the bus filled with wounded warriors returning from Fran O'Brien's was met with an entire intersection full of deleriously happy supporters.

A battle was won tonight, but the war is still on. I have no doubt that the stench of CodePink will be back next week and the great supporters of FreeRepublic and Protest Warrior will be there as well. Whatever it takes and however long it takes to free the street of their hateful kind of protest.

See another report from Tom in The Pinkos Sound Retreat! who has included more of the history of this conflict.