Friday, September 30, 2005

Milblogger Needs New Home

for some of he and his wife's beloved pets. Trevor of The Will to Exist had to leave his wife alone to deal with their 15 dogs, and it is too much for her to handle. He's been activated with his National Guard unit and headed to Iraq. They are seeking good homes with good people to adopt several wonderful pups:

If you've got room in your home and heart for a good dog, please stop by Tevor's site and get more info on these beautiful friends.

Marine Salutes the Enemy

The rest of the story: WarriorJason was there when the incident occurred.
I just shook my head again as I watch a warrior, who should not be walking, raise his head high and one of his middle fingers even higher in defiance of a cowardly enemy. I would have given anything to see the look on that Muj bastards face as he watched this United States Marine GySgt stand up and flip him the bird after taking an almost direct hit by an IED. God had that Marine's six that day.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lefty Humor

TweetiePie sent me this "joke" from one of his lefty co-workers. Its funny, but not the way the lefty thinks.

Bush Sells Louisiana Back To France

September 16, 2005(AP Wirephoto) -- President Bush and a jubilant Jacques Chirac shake hands as the deal is finalized. The official handover is to occur on October 15th.

The White House announced today that President Bush has successfully sold the state of Louisiana back to the French at more than double its original selling price of $11,250,000.

"This is a bold step forward for America," said Bush. "And America will be stronger and better as a result. I stand here today in unity with French Prime Minister Jack Sharaq, who was so kind to accept my offer of Louisiana in exchange for 25 million dollars cash."

The state, ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, will cost hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild.

"Jack understands full well that this one's a 'fixer upper,'" said Bush. "He and the French people are quite prepared to pump out all that water and make Louisiana a decent place to live again. And they've got a lot of work to do. But Jack's assured me, if it's not right, they're going to fix it."

The move has been met with incredulity from the beleaguered residents of Louisiana.

"Shuba-pie!" said New Orleans resident Willis Babineaux. "Frafer-perly yum kom drabby sham!"

However, President Bush's decision has been widely lauded by Republicans.

"This is an unexpected but brilliant move by the President," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. "Instead of spending billions and billions, and billions of dollars rebuilding the state of Louisiana, we've just made 25 million dollars in pure profit."

"This is indeed a smart move," commented Fox News analyst Brit Hume. "Not only have we stopped the flooding in our own budget, we've made money on the deal. Plus, when the god-awful French are done fixing it up, we can easily invade and take it back again."

The money gained from 'The Louisiana Refund' is expected to be immediately pumped into the rebuilding of Iraq.
And this is somehow wrong? Seems like a great idea to me!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"The Protest" According to Tantor

Y'all gotta read this. Tantor of Conservative Propaganda braved the moonbat crowds Saturday on the Ellipse and marched with them to the White House all along pretending to be "one of them". I don't know how he managed to stay sane.

"I could never be a lefty because the speeches would wear me out. You'd think after the first half dozen speakers told you Bush lied that everyone would get it and want to move on. But no, apparently the ANSWER organizers want to pummel the crowd's minds into submission with One Big Lie, told over and over again."
This one's priceless
"Ralph Nader began spouting off about how Bush was a warmonger and must be impeached. Bush lied. I was just opening the door to the Portajohn when Jessica Lange, the actress, began speaking. I couldn't hear her words, just the tone, just like the tone your mother took with you when you were a little kid and tracked mud into the house. It sounded like this: 'Yappity yappity yip yip yip. BUSH LIED.'"
The post is littered with pics, and he's got a link to even more that he uploaded to Flikr. Tantor would make an excellent "mole" in the lefty world, except there isn't really anything worth knowing from this crowd. This is great reporting!

Post Katrina Education

Prof. Mike Adams has a column today dealing with that awkward transitional stage between sheep and sheepdog. In "Getting into the World of Firearms", he leads the novice on a path to confident self-protection and a heck of a great new hobby. The article mostly deals with specific guns that a newbie should consider and in a sequence that will ease the user into the sports of plinking and hunting. Of course, he suggests buying a .22 for starters. Some of us were a little more adventurous and thought the best beginner gun was this:

The S&W 686PP .357 Magnum was my first handgun and still one of my favorites. There's something very satisfying about pulling the trigger and seeing the flash and feeling
and rocking back on your heels. Schweeeet!

In Other News: Contrast and Compare

Two 'chick' stories today that couldn't be more diametrically opposed. First, from AP comes "Iraq's First Female Suicide Bomber Strikes".
A woman strapped with explosives and disguised as a man blew herself up outside an Iraqi army recruiting center in a northern town Wednesday, killing at least six people and wounding 30 in the first known attack by a female suicide bomber in the country's bloody insurgency.
Will the feminist nags see this as a victory for equal rights?

Then from Defend America we get a completely different kind of story about women. "First All-female Crew Flies Combat Mission" is about a group of gals who are much better role models than Ms. Blownapart.

I don't think these ladies are afraid of much of anything. Reading the article, it is apparent that none of these flyers think the occasion was a big deal, but they are proud to be part of any crew that does it's job well. No feminazis here, just professionals.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Fallujah Chronicles" Start Up Again

1LT Prakash is back with another excellent chapter in the Battle of Fallujah series. This time, he's not the tank commander, but the loader! Looks like he's having fun. He's also posted a couple of pics of busted Blinky (his M1A1), one of them in the minefield. This story picks up where 12 November: Jumping Track Flash left off.

This chapter is action-packed, folks. Hold on to your helmets and take a ride.

Just a little more from the Mall

Andi, proud Army wife, has a most excellent post about the event. Go and read here. She's a terrific wordsmith who can really capture the essence of the event.

Andi has some quotes from Spc. Kevin Pannell, left, a double amputee with an enthusiasm for life and an undying love for his buddies still in the fight.

Signs of Support

These are the Right Brothers, who sang a great song called "Bush Was Right!" Here's a link to the mp3. When the song came to the refrain, the whole crowd would yell "BUSH WAS RIGHT!" loud enough for the moonbats across the street to hear.

We even had a couple of folks dancing!

Well, that's the last I'm going to post about the Support the Troops And Their Mission rally on the Mall. I had a great time there with my fellow FReeps who never fail to pick up the ball and run with it when something needs to be done.

Despite the fact that the commies and moonbats drew bigger crowds to their events, I gotta believe there are far more of us than them throughout the country. Most people just aren't in to the whole protest thing (I know I wasn't until about a month ago), so I'm not too worried about the number of people who show up. What I do worry about are the people who are swayed by the relentless attacks on our military, government, and Americanism by the MSM and their fellow travelers in organizations like Int'l. ANSWER, Code Pink, and the ACLU. It is against these domestic foes that we all must protest if we are to accomplish the mission to spread democracy and peace.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Gold Star Families on the Mall 9/25

Here's my crude attempt at an "artsy" montage of most of the Gold Star Families that spoke at the Support The Troops rally in D.C. on September 25th.

At center-top is Major Chuck Larson of Operation Iraqi Hope.

Couple of radio guys: Dom Giordano of WPHT 1210-AM, Philadelphia, and Michael Graham of RightTalk radio.

Couple of Political Guys, Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona, and Rep. Steve King of Iowa.

Kevin Martin, Navy Vet. and very enthusiastic guy.

Help for Shut-down Milblogs

Dr. Phat Tony is hosting "A Voice for Soldiers" for milbloggers whose sites have been shut down for PC or other reasons. He's going to post the rants that bloggers send him via e-mail and will post them anonymously so as not to get you in even more trouble.

Go here for the invitation, or email him at this address.

From JimmyB, help for NOLA gun owners whose possessions were confiscated by well-meaning but misguided law enforcers. CUG has a great post on what's up widdat.

Red, White & Blue Mall Day 6

Some pics of D.C. Cops.

This cop's duties included helping a wee one find his mom.

Cops on horses. I like horses.

These men and women couldn't have been cooler. They were so laid back around the people who came to support the troops, but very wary and alert to the commies across the street.

They were on horseback, in patrol cars, on Harleys and on foot. They were all over the place but completely unobtrusive unless one of the moonbats got out of control.
Well done, guys!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Red, White and Blue Day on the Mall

Blogger is having coniptions tonight, so I'm posting little-by-little until I get it all in.

Kristinn Taylor of FreeRepublic did an outstanding job organizing and MCing a terrific rally on the Mall in Washington, DC today. It was so successful that CNN is already lying about it! Well, CNN may say there were "hundreds, not thousands" at the event, but by my estimate there were 20 to 30 hundred. Do the math.

A very dynamic, exhuberatant and busy lady is Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward. She is the force behind the "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" traveling caravan of Support. Melanie is also a heckova nice person.

Deborah Johns, founder of Northern California Marine Moms. Her son is a Marine serving in Iraq. Johns organized the caravan that began in San Francisco, Calif., on Aug. 22 and ended with a “We Support Our Troops and Their Mission” rally at the Crawford Community Center.

A R,W & B Day on the Mall 2

OK, I switched to PhotoBucket to upload the pics. This works better.

Mr. President buzzes the crowd. At least that's what everyone else said. I didn't get a close enough shot to see if it really was Marine One.

Mr. Qualls & Son from Crawford, TX. His older son Louis was killed in Iraq. Mr. Qualls told of a very touching letter he received from Louis in which his son said that his father, Mr. Qualls was his hero. Within an hour of reading the letter, 3 Marines showed up at his door to tell him of Louis's death. This was the hardest thing for me to hear today. Mr. Qualls is an incredibly strong man.

Mr. Qualls was the first person to find his son's name on a cross at "Camp Casey" outside the President's ranch. This was the first of at least two that he removed. Each time he asked the Sheenanigans to cease using his son's name, but they don't care if they insult or hurt the families of the fallen. Mr. Qualls was first brought to my attention by Amy, the wife of a soldier currently serving in Iraq, who gave me one of the best posts on this blog.

A R, W & D Day on the Mall 3

Michael Graham making faces. He stepped onstage and gave his trademark entry "IIIIIIIIIII am Michael Graham!" and the crowd roared. Ok, maybe it was just me.

The Marines were well represented today.

This shirt caught my eye. Reminds me of WarriorJason at Warriors Voice.

Marines on stage, too. This is Sgt. Todd Bowers whose last post was Fallujah.

Todd's Marine Dad being greeted by Arizona Congressman Trent Franks.

A R, W & B Day on the Mall 4

There were around 20 banners that had been made and carried along with the Support The Troops caravan from San Francisco. I signed one of the for myself, and for Karen of Thoughts by Seawitch who couldn't come due to her business being wiped out by Katrina.

I know, I've got lousy handwriting. But its the thought that counts, right?

A rally wouldn't be right without the D.C. Chapter of FreeRepublic's MOAB - Mother Of All Banners.

A R, W & D Day on the Mall 5

What would a patriotic, pro-Troops rally be without Moonbats? Well, we had 'em.

Moonbat Girl

Moonbat Boy

I don't know what these are...

These little kids are really in town for the World Bank meeting at which they protest the meager allowance their parents expect them to live on. They really just need to be spanked. Or kicked the sh*t out of.

I've got a lot more pics, but I'm too tired. More tomorrow.

A Marine Knows Where He Stands

WarriorJason says he knows where he stands with the Muj, but can't say the same for the leftist MSM and stoopid anti-war protesters. He's got a message for the two-faced weenies:
The left needs to stop using those of us who died or got wounded in battle for their own propaganda. Their own propaganda which supports the Muj and some far-left ideology. When me and my fellow warriors come home don’t come up to us, shake our hand and tell us that you support us but not the war. Please just keep freaking walking because that is not support. You might as well spit in my face, then at least I know where you stand. Your typical double talk does not impress me.
Me neither. I'm much more impressed with the maturity and dedication of warriors like Jason. Plus, he uses much cooler hardware.