Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just a little more from the Mall

Andi, proud Army wife, has a most excellent post about the event. Go and read here. She's a terrific wordsmith who can really capture the essence of the event.

Andi has some quotes from Spc. Kevin Pannell, left, a double amputee with an enthusiasm for life and an undying love for his buddies still in the fight.

Signs of Support

These are the Right Brothers, who sang a great song called "Bush Was Right!" Here's a link to the mp3. When the song came to the refrain, the whole crowd would yell "BUSH WAS RIGHT!" loud enough for the moonbats across the street to hear.

We even had a couple of folks dancing!

Well, that's the last I'm going to post about the Support the Troops And Their Mission rally on the Mall. I had a great time there with my fellow FReeps who never fail to pick up the ball and run with it when something needs to be done.

Despite the fact that the commies and moonbats drew bigger crowds to their events, I gotta believe there are far more of us than them throughout the country. Most people just aren't in to the whole protest thing (I know I wasn't until about a month ago), so I'm not too worried about the number of people who show up. What I do worry about are the people who are swayed by the relentless attacks on our military, government, and Americanism by the MSM and their fellow travelers in organizations like Int'l. ANSWER, Code Pink, and the ACLU. It is against these domestic foes that we all must protest if we are to accomplish the mission to spread democracy and peace.