Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rockin' Walter Reed

There were FReeps, Protest Warriors, and people from at least 8 different states that made up the 130+ supporters on the "cool" side of Georgia Avenue tonight. We had folks from D.C., MD, VA, WI, GA, CA, NH, and SC. There was an entire family that came from NH, who had never been to any kind of rally before. Whole groups came from CA and GA, too. All these folks had seen and heard enough from the commie-Pinkos, got off their asses and came down to show the wounded heros how much they care.

Several new and interesting signs showed up. Very creative, I think.

Ya think?

A different take on a recent commercial.


I like this one.

- Pinko - "Squeegy dude" finally brought a flag!
Whaddya bet it's burning his fingers.

Corner crowd under the MOAB (Mother Of All Banners)

A Georgia Peach showing her family's sentiments.

I always appreciate a well aimed insult at a
certain European country.

Telling it like it is.

A National Guard warrior

A Protest Warrior. These guys are really

- Pinkos - (sorry for poor pic quality - my camera revolted)
These folks missed the memo that asked commies to leave
the really vile posters at home. This one reads "Halliburton
Guilty of Rape & Pillage"

- Pinkos - 9:00 they do their group hug then go home. They don't stick around for the bus anymore.

We take over the abandoned corners

The bus coming back from Fran O'Brian's. As usual, I only got the back 'cause I'm too busy waiving a flag and shouting "U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A!"

This was my 4th rally in 5 weeks and it was the biggest one yet. I home some more people will show up from around here in coming weeks. The Pinko-commie crowd was much larger than normal due to the hippy fests this weekend, so they should be back to their paltry levels next week.

Don't you want to come down and join us?

Be sure to check out Andi's account of the events.