Sunday, July 31, 2005

Teaching History in the 21st Century

Mustang 23 posted a unique sort of history lesson of WWII. It's short and to the point, covers all the major players, and its funny, too!

Frigin' Frist!

I'm well aware that all politicians must occasionally dance with the devil. It comes with the job no matter how well intentioned and honorable the person may be, but that doesn't mean I can't bitch about it. Dr. Bill Frist may be a nice guy and a principled MD, but he needs a backbone-ectomy.

John McCain lost big when he joined the "Unholy 14" and he may never recover from it. "The base" saw his actions as a traitorous attempt to gain moderate Democrat support at the expense of a critical part of the conservative agenda. Giving Bush the finger instead of support for his judicial nominees wasn't the brightest way to position himself as a possible presidential candidate. Senator Frist is making the same mistake, but I doubt the ramifications will be as severe. The reason is that both sides of the argument are missing the point.

Look at these headlines:

Frist to back repeal of Bush limits on stem cell research - Detroit News

Critics claim the president "doesn't want people to live", "its Bush's fault that Christopher Reeves died", "Bush wouldn't even save his icon Reagan", and more such drivel. They make it seem as if Bush is curtailing research by placing legal boundaries on stem cell lines and the money that may be spent on them. What everyone seems to be happily ignoring is that there is NO RESTRICTION ON PRIVATE RESEARCH! That's right, none whatsoever. Pharmaceutical companies, biotech labs, colleges, etc. are still free to do research on any lines they find, and to get the funding from any source they can get.

This issue has less to do with advancing medical science than it does advancing a political ideology using taxpayer money. This research is going to progress regardless of Federal aid as long as entrepreneurs and scientists feel that it will result in a marketable product. A windfall of Federal dollars is only going to create a power grab by those who will turn the issue into a never ending money pit, and may even hamper the ability of scientists to effectively pursue their research. As long as the studies continue to "provide promises of cures" but don't actually produce anything tangible, the tax money will continue to flow forth.

Frist is betting that this little "lapse" from principled conservative values will engender feel-good support from some of his critics and either go unnoticed by the base or at least won't piss us off too much. I'm pissed. I believe in the free market and that more could be accomplished with deregulation than Federal subsidies.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Chuck & W

What a terrific picture. Four great Americans that I truly appreciate.

Friday, July 29, 2005

S.397 Gun Industry Liability Bill - HOORAH!



At 5:30 EST a majority of members of the U.S. Senate finally found their 'nads!!


I feel like Andy Rooney. "D'ya ever watch CSPAN? Have you ever read the congressional record? Doesn't it feel make you feel like you're being slowly starved to death, or under heavy sedation?"

I'm killing myself by watching the Senate vote on some stoopid "poison pill" amendment that seems to be going down in flames. *Whew!* The bad part is that it looks like the Dingbatcrats are going to push the final vote off until the next session in September.

I did find some answers to questions that I had in the Congressional Record. It has been my worry that it will only be a matter of time before some stoopid court will find in favor of a plaintiff and award damages in some crippling amount that will start an avalanche of new suits. Not only will the domestic (you and me) market suffer, but the military as well. Both Senators Frist and Hatch argued that if companies like Baretta are sued into bankruptcy it will have a disastrous effect on military small arms and other ordnance. I, for one, do not want to out-source such critical supplies!

And for you guys in Ohio, please don't re-elect DeWine. He's a RINO of the worst sort.

Border Security Survey

Sen. Frist and VOLPAC want your views on border security and illegal immigration. A Survey has been created to get info from concerned citizens. I'm not sure how much good it will do, but take the survey anyway.

Hat tip Jason of Warrior's Voice

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

5 1/2 Questions

Libby got JimmyB (aka CUG) to play a new "Chain Blog" game, and now ITS MY TURN! Hooray! Here's the deal:

Thanks for playing!

Here is the original set of rules:
1) Leave me a comment saying interview me please.
2) I will respond by asking you five questions.
3) You will update your blog/site with the interview questions.
4) You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5) When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here are my Questions from JimmyB:

1. Have you always been conservative?
Pretty much. As a teenager in the 70s I had the usual rebellious attitude towards "authority" and thought my parents and most adults were idiots, but unlike most liberals I continued to mature intellectually. I also have a love of history which gives me a better perspective on why thriving, healthy civilizations have a way of destroying themselves by abandoning the very ideals and values upon which they were built.
I'm all for technological and scientific advance. I welcome improvements in our quality of life. What makes me a conservative is my belief in certain absolutes of right and wrong, and that all rights are predicated on meeting responsibilities.

2. What is your favorite movie, or two?
That's a tough one! I'm partial to comedy, like the Marx Brothers classic Duck Soup.

3. Who is your favorite classical music author?
Edvard Grieg. Some people consider his music "classical" (but its really jazz) so I'll also say George Gershwin.

4. Favorite firearm (owned, or would like to have).
My current favorite is my beautiful stainless Kimber Ultra Carry that I've named "Condi". She's small, pretty and powerful.
As far as what I would like to have? Pretty much anything I many guns, so little time...

5. How many fingers am I holding up?

Just kidding. Preference: 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's rock?

Whew! How many did I get right? Who wants to play next? Leave me a request in the comments and I'll email you with your personal "Chain Blog 5 Questions".

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

No, it wasn't a meme but a question in an email from Lcpl Pete, USMC. He was writing to thank me for sending some shirts to him and his unit in Afghanistan. It only took a moment for me to realize that my mind had gone blank and there was no way I could reply right away. I closed the email and have thought about it all day long.

Lcpl Pete wrote that he is a paramedic firefighter in civilian life. So, as a civilian he risks his life to save others; as a Marine he risks his life to save others, including mine. What does a middle aged couch potato, who's never been asked to lift a finger for someone else, say to this young man?

I have met (in the virtual sense) so many incredible people thru blogs over the last year or so and the ones that impress me the most are, or were, in the military. The first milblog I started reading was Citizen Smash, the Indepundit. He had finished his tour and was blogging about more than just military and Navy matters. He also had his fair share of moonbats trying their best to get a rise out of him, but he never bit. I was amazed and humbled by his reasoned responses. I'm sure he is a respected officer and I hope his Naval career is productive and fulfilling.

I think it was from Smash's site that I found Lt. Neil Prakash of Armor Geddon and my love affair with tanks began. What does a lad with a degree in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins do? Why, he goes to Armor OBC and Ranger school to become a tank commander, of course! Just the kind of job training that every future scientist or MD should have. And what a character he is! When assuming his new command, he showed his soldiers that dispite being an officer he was just a regular guy by downing an entire bottle of tobasco sauce. But best of all are the series of posts describing the Battle of Fallujah. I can do no justice to them by description, you just have to read them. Is Hollywood listening?

From there I really started to seek other milblogs and found a commonality amongst the authors: these guys are smart! If the ones who blog are this bright, can I assume they are a representative sample of the rest? Is Lcpl. Pete, USMC the same freindly, intense but happy kid as Corporal Ma Deuce Gunner? This is a modest young man who can think for himself, and I need to pimp his blog often.

Is he a smartass "Mortar Maggot" with a love for "Golden Rules" and a keen artistic eye like Jean-Paul Borda of The National Guard Experience? Or is he developing into a canny, blood-and-guts commander with a razor wit like Cpt. Chuck Ziegenfuss of From my position...on the way!? He could be more introspective and brooding like his brother Marine Hurl, the Cobra pilot, who I worry about because he thinks too much.

Maybe Lcpl. Pete takes his responsiblities as a leader as seriously as Master Sergeant CJ of A Soldier's Perspective. Is he a student of history who knows that an education takes a lifetime of persuit? He could be a man of letters and an artist with words like Thunder6 of 365 and a Wakeup.

I recently found Trevor of The Will to Exist, an immigrant who is teaching me the value of being a U.S. citizen. He's already done his patriotic duty by being a Marine, but he's going back "over there" with his National Guard unit, because in his words "This enemy needs killing so badly that you think to yourself, it will be worth putting up with the bullshit that goes along with military service." Is this why Lcpl. Pete is a Marine?

How can I describe ex-special forces turned freelance war correspondent Michael Yon? The next Ernie Pyle? His writing and photography just keep getting better.

And then there's Dr. Phat Tony. A former soldier who's, well... who is, um...never mind.

The point is that I am nobody. Just someone who can't compete on the same intellectual bandwidth as these fine people, and am so glad that they let me see them for the wonderful people they truly are. There are many more that I visit and admire, and I hope I haven't offended anyone by not mentioning them.

So, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Yes Lcpl. Pete, USMC. I am your biggest fan. The shirts I sent you are a small token of my appreciation for the tough, dangerous, dirty job you are doing on my behalf. I'm proud of you and confident that you will succeed in your mission. I am in your debt.

NOTE: 8/1 - I've seen basil's message about Haloscan comments not showing up on individual pages. I'm too stoopid to figure out how to fix this but will continue to try. In the meantime, if you would like to leave a comment please return to the main page and scroll down to this post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

NOTE 2: OK, I think its fixed.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Chuck's Back!

Just a short post, but typed it all by hisself! HOOAAAH!

Inconsequential Things

There are many things I care about, like my family and friends, my dog, the weather, my guns, etc. One thing about which I couldn't care less is the color of someone's skin. I just don't give a rat's ass what color you are! Ethnic origin might make for interesting conversation, but it has no bearing on my evaluation of any individual. Content of character far surpasses color-group identity in my book. Nobody's going to un-teach me the the lessons I received long ago.

Thus it is that I have constructed my vision of the SCOTUS. With everyone looking the same, we have to peer beyond the smiley-face group and judge each on an individual basis. We can't concern ourselves with gender or race. I don't care if President Bush nominates a white male, a black female, an hispanic hermaphrodite, or whatever. Just let the individual be a Constitutional Constructionist, or Originalist. Let him/her/it be like Scalia and Thomas and I'll be thrilled.

I'm really tired right now. I'll probably read this later and decide that it sucks.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Out-of-Office Message

I'll be in Wild & Wonderful West "By God" Virginia 'till Sunday evening. There's no internet access, and most cell phones can't get a signal. Thanks Sen. 'KKK' Byrd!

Anywho, its a WKC/WKA National Race weekend and I'll be working my butt off as usual as volunteer staff and pit-slave.

Enduro karts are like luges with a motor and some bodywork.

People who drive sissy sit-up sprint karts often wear tutus. And become club presidents.

To learn more about the Best Kept Secret in Racing, visit the Woodbridge Kart Club site.

I know what you're thinking. Go-karts? You mean the kind you rent for $10 per lap? and go, like, 5mph? That's stoopid! No, dingus, these are real racing machines. Going 100mph+ flat on your back over a 2 1/2 mile road course ain't no kiddy ride. Well, it may be crazy but what the hell...
This is the grid at Virginia International Raceway. Its much nicer than Summit Point, WV

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

To All the Racist Lefties Out There - the Companion Photo

CUG has a great Gun Rights poster.

This is another one that I found last year.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I wanna know what airline this is!

This sounds like the kind of airline I would fly all the time and Commies would shun in droves.

Turn on sound for this linky

Hollywood's Good Old Days

I love old movies. Dispite being a total 'tard, Ted Turner is my hero for creating the Turner Classic Movie channel. Last night I saw The Ghost Breakers (1940) with Paulette Goddard and Bob Hope. In a scene where the characters are talking about Zombies, one says:

"You see them wandering around, dead eyes, blindly following orders..."

Hope: "You mean like Democrats?"

BWWAAHAAAHAAA! They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Please donate to Michael Yon's "New Camera" Fund

Trevor at The Will to Exist has reminded me that Yon has finally gotten his PayPal link working (at the end of each post) and we can all make a contribution to keep his great writing going. He also is in need of a new camera. Have you seen his pictures? He's the guy who took this one.

Go on over to his place, read some terrific reporting and make a donation. Thank you for your support.

Why do you carry a gun?

In the July/August issue of American Handgunner there was a terrific article by John Connor on which the magazine has since removed copyright restrictions and told their readers to feel free to disseminate. I'll reprint the last part below.

The Connor Clan has been nomadic, and we've lived in a number of places. In one of 'em, we shared a side yard and friendship with a young woman we'll call Miss Maine, and her knee-high daughter, Little Lizzie. Miss Maine quickly bonded with the Memsaab Helena. Clearly, Helena's Amazon-warrior spirit and skill with arms impressed Miss Maine mightily, and much of their time and talk revolved around that fierce self-confidence -- and guns.

As for Little Lizzie, the munchkin almost duct-taped herself to the Mem's leg. She followed Helena everywhere, but always, always, kept glancing back to check on her momma, as though she were the worried parent.

There was something guarded, something hurt and defensive about both of them, and that fearfulness extended to me for a while. They got over it, thank God. Then I sorta became a moving bunker for 'em, representing cover and protection. Finally, we learned the story.

Miss Maine had been attacked - brutally and viciously. You don't wanna know the details. As with so many such crimes, it wasn't really about sex. It was about hate and domination, cowardice and cruelty. And an even younger Little Lizzie had witnessed it. I like to think the Memsaab and I helped them to recover emotionally.

Then one day Lizzie came and snuggled into my shadow, visibly disturbed. That morning her kindergarten had put on "Frighten the Munchkins Day." Some schools do a pretty good job of alerting children to predators -- don't go with strangers and that kinda thing -- but others do more harm than good. All they do is terrify the tots and give 'em no operating options. Lizzie already had twin tears glistening, ready to fall when she grabbed a tiny fistful of my trouser-leg and asked, "Conner-Sir, will you a'ways be here? Wouldja be here...When the bad mens come?"

My knees cracked on the sidewalk as she slammed into my shoulder, shaking with sobs as the hot tears came, splashing my neck and searing into my soul. " 'Cause I'm a-scared!" she choked, and clutched me tighter.

Oh, GOD! Who would not - who could not - fight without fear, suffer without sense of sacrifice, and kill or die deliberately, using the most effective means available -- to protect life, liberty and a Little Lizzie? For God's sake, who?

Those who would not are no better than the predators.

Maybe in Phase 4, when somebody pops The Big Question I'll just smile and say, "For life, liberty and Little Lizzie." You guys can fill in the details.

Yes, this is just one reason to carry, but it is probably the kind of sensibility we all feel when heading out the door, or when doing a routine inspection of our home protection guns. We all have a Little Lizzie that needs our protection.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Another anti-Commie Petition is hosting a petition to implore President Bush to nominate someone who will adhere to the original text of the Constitution. This petition allows you to include your own "header" and additional subject text, along with the boilerplate stuff. I asked him to find a Scalia/Thomas clone, and not to nominate a filthy Commie. (mine will probably be thrown out. *sniff*)

You go there now!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Humor Warrior Leaving the 'Stan

Jean Paul Borda of the The National Guard Experience is on his way home after a year doing his duty in Afghanistan. Just what he did there is a closely guarded secret, but many suspect he was some kind of "morale" specialist.

He's taken lots of pictures that he sells for exorbitant prices from some fru-fru gallery, but you can still look at online.

He excoriates "supporters" for the things they send the troops.

He has launched an all-out offensive against one of the mainstays of field nourishment.

And along the way, he's made a lot of people LOL. Sometimes even ROFLOL. And coffee-shooting-out-the-nose LOL.

Well done, JP! And welcome home!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

How Britain will Retaliate for the Terrorist Bombings

(a Precision Guided Humor assignment)

Today, upon hearing that all of the terrorists died in the explosions, the British Parliament unanimously (minus 1 abstention) voted to send MP George Galloway to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he will serve out the sentences that would have been imposed on the dastardly 4.

He was immediately transported and processed for admission, where WorldWideWhining News captured this exclusive photo.

WWW News also spoke with International A.N.S.W.E.R. spokesperson Melanie Pudsucker who said "Mr. Soros is not at all happy with this turn of events. We have received 3.2 million pounds since the news broke, mostly from concerned Middle Eastern clerics, but this will not be enough to begin the campaign to extricate Mr. Galloway from this gulag." Asked how they were planning to proceed, Ms. Pudsucker replied "We had assembled a crack team from ELF," the Earth Liberation Front, "but we could not get them to refrain from lighting the transport vehicles on fire."

Amnesty International could not be reached for comment.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Attention Right-wing wacko gun nuts!

Help Stop Reckless Lawsuits Against the Firearms Industry

The NRA is asking for help to get your Senators on-board with legislation that will prohibit lawsuits aimed at bankrupting the U.S. firearms industry. If you're not already an NRA member, shame on ya! But you can still call or write your Senators via the link above and tell them that you support (S. 397) and want them to vote FOR it without any "poison pill" amendments.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Oh, Britannia!

I like to think of Britain like this picture. Brave, strong, unafraid.

My Gunn family was persuaded to leave (via military conscription and endentured servitude) the English Isle back in the mid 17th century. We weren't always an easy people to get along with. The name Gunn comes from the Norse gunnr, meaning war. Our family motto is Aut Pax aut Bellum ("either war or peace - whatever!") which is probably why I have such a fascination with all things war-like.

My great-great granddad was a scout with the Union Army and was captured by the Confederates on at least three different occasions (he escaped twice). In his written accounts of the war, he seems generally to have enjoyed himself!

Even after more than three centuries separation, I still feel a sense of kinship and respect for my British cousins. The terrorist killers that struck London might just as well have bombed my little town in MD. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who were injured and killed in this dastardly attack. My resolve to resist with whatever means necessary the evil that caused it will not waiver.

Remember the Declaration of Arbroath - the Scottish Declaration of Independence signed in 1320 at Arbroath Abbey on the east coast of Scotland:

"We fight not for glory nor for wealth nor honours; but only and alone we fight for freedom, which no good man surrenders but with his life."

The rotten bastard terrorists have even awakened the Whittler from blog-slumber.

New London, CT still taking swipes at Commie 5

Rocco DiPippo has an eye-witness account of residents who won't take "sieze" for an answer. Rock On!

Where did I go wrong?

You Are 84% American
You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges.
Tough and independent, you think big.
You love everything about the US, wrong or right.
And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!

What happened to the other 16%??? Stoopid questions created by stoopid lefties!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Live 8 wants my face?

"We don't want your money, we want your face!"
from the home page

"By doubling aid, fully cancelling debt, and delivering trade justice for Africa, the G8 could change the future for millions of men, women and children."
Sir Bob Geldof from

Soooo, no Live Aid like phone banks waiting to take my pledge or donation? You just want my face or voice to join the chorus of thousands demanding that America loosen her purse strings. Ummm...NO!

It seems that Sir Bob learned his lessons some years ago when he discovered how hard it is to get aid to people who really need it, and not into the pockets of thugs and dictators. Unfortunately, he saw how hard it would be to really change things, and just decided to give up. Not give up demanding money (he must continue to look like he cares!!) but just give up asking for individual donations. Money he gets from the little people must be spent wisely and accounted for, with Sir Bob being the responsible party. Getting money from the government, on the other hand, is free of consequences for him personally. Government money is funny-money, like in Monopoly.

Some soundbites I heard from the concerts sounded like the same old song and dance. "America is stingy, America is cheap, blah, blah, blah, waaaahhhh!" I didn't hear anyone saying "Mgabe must go!" Would have been nice.

Some bloggers, Like Frank J. and Lt Smash, are kindof on board with Sir Bob. I say "kindof" 'cause I think they are skeptical as well. I think I'll hang on to my face for a while.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Stupid pet tricks

Dog thinks Afghanistan smells good

She's awful purty, but not too bright. This letter was from a Soldier in Afghanistan that I left on the coffee table. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005

Petition to Impeach the Commie 5

Trevor at The Will to Exist has a link to an online petition to impeach the treasonous five commies that authored the majority opinion in the heinous Kelo case. You go sign it! Now!