Saturday, August 27, 2005

DC Freeps Take Back Walter Reed

Tonight I attended my very first "protest rally", or rather an "anti-protest, Support the Troops Rally" with the DC FreeRepublic people at Walter Reed Army Medial Center in NW Washington. These guys and gals rule! We had a great time and the commie-pinko-America hating-tards were total losers.

This guy was nicknamed "Squeegie", or something. I was told he's usually out in the road making trouble. Its a fuzzy picture, but he's ugly anyway.

The bikers in this picture started out on our side and decided to go have a chat with the Pink Pansys.

Scared wittle pink wabbits! Help! Police!

Nice Cop. "You go back over there. It's not nice to pick on mentally handicapped."

The commie-pinko wabbits inhabited the SW corner. We had the other three. Best estimates were we outnumbered them 3-1. I was told that it was the largest turnout yet for the good guys.

There were lots of professional looking video cameras about. CNN was supposedly there. I'll be very curious to see if we make the news or if the commie-pinko-asshats are the only ones shown.

There was lots of honking and flag waiving and chanting of "Support the Troops!" There was no foul language, but a distinct smell of wet diapers was coming from that SW corner. Ours smelled like the yummy pizza we ate.

The commie-pinko-soiled-diaper gang folded up and left after a bus carrying wounded warriors came into the hospital thru the gates after a night on the town. I guess its the ritual end to their evening to be given the single-digit salute by the brave men and women they dishonor.

I've got to get a better night-time camera so I can capture the event next time.

Extra Credit! Guess who this is and win a special prize! (No, its not me or Dick Cheney)

Update: Hooray! Commenter Tina guessed correctly and wins the prize. Its non other than NRA news guy Cam Edwards who has a great article about the event on his site. Unfortunately, I was going to promote the winner's blog as the prize, but Tina didn't give an address for the linky-love. Thanks anyway Tina!

Also big thanks to all who comment and trackback. I really appreciate it!

UPDATE 08/28: Tantor was there, too! He's written an excellent article filled with pics. You go read now!