Thursday, August 25, 2005

Too Good to Pass Up

I know Mudville's omnicient Mrs. G has already included these in her Dawn Patrol, but since they are my own required reading as well I had to point out two posts that are just terrific.

The first is from Cpt. Chuck Ziegenfuss in answering a few questions. He says what many of us wish Pres. Bush would say to the nation and backs it up with his own unasailable experience.

Second is from Ma Deuce Gunner, fresh from R&R, with a brilliantly descriptive post about a routine activity.

OK, one more: Hurl has been posting photos of scenes in Iraq taken from his Cobra. He's adding a few at a time under the same post, with captions and observations. They are a real treat for those of us who long for visual as well as written info from Iraq.

Update: OK, really only one more. Michael Yon can stop your heart with Gates of Fire. You go read now.