Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Warrior's Message for Friends and Family

WarriorJason is a Marine leaving for his second tour in Iraq. In this post, he and his wife share a very personal message to those who will be affected by his absence.

Being a Marine and serving in a war time Marine Corps is what I do, and I do it by choice. I am aware of the reality and dangers of my job. I volunteered to be a Marine and I volunteered to join a combat unit, as I knew they would be going back to Iraq. I realize that everyone has a difference of opinion, therefore I request that my name and/or my service not be used to speak out against this war. This is my choice and I know the risks I take. I support your right to say what you feel but please do not use my name, our relationship or my service to do so.

Go on over to Warrior's Voice and let him know how much he and the Mrs. are appreciated.