Friday, August 12, 2005

If I'm dreaming, Don't Wake Me Up

fmragtops is providing a "dream interpretation" service to his readers. Pretty cool idea, but I rarely remember my dreams - until this morning! I awoke to a story that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is not only a Redskins fan, but he wants to drive for Coach Gibbs!!!!

"When I was a kid walking through the garage, I would get a glimpse of Joe Gibbs, and it was like seeing Elvis. I was scared to even talk to him."
— NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Lets see, Joe Gibbs Racing let go Leffler, so the #11 is available. Sure, they promised Terry Labonte a ride, but come on! "Jr.?, Labonte? Jr.? Labonte? OK Jr! Sorry Terry, you're a great driver and a class guy, but only one Labonte per team and we're pretty happy with Bobby (even though he's snake-bit this year)."

Problem is, Coach says Jr. makes $50M and he can't afford that. Do you suppose that between me and my 5 readers we could cough up enough bling to make my dream a reality? Yeah right. Dream on...