Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Beverly Kennedys

Let me tell you a little story 'bout a man named Ted
A rich northern Yank drank so much his nose was red
And then one day he was barking at the Senate
When up popped a voice said "man, you just don't get it"

Gitmo, that is
bad guys

Well the next thing you know old Teddy's in the air
His handlers said "Ted, get your ass down there!"
"And find some guards who are peein' on Korans"
"Then come back here and blame evil 'Publicans"

Nazis, that is
Pol Pot

When Ted touched down on lovely Gitmo Bay
He rolled out the plane sayin' "Man, this place is gay!"
Reverend Phelps asked "Ted, are you into S&M?"
"Forget about the jail, drop your pants and come on in!"

Chains, that is
leather thongs
gay bars

Soon the news got out that the Senator was lost
The guards began a search fearin' Teddy had got sauced
They found him on the beach wearin' nothing but a grin
So they hauled him off to jail, took his drink and booked him in

jumpsuits, that is
chain link fences
Club Med

Now the moral of this story is Do Not Trust Ted
A rich northern Yank, likes his dates best when they're dead
He wants all your dough so he can tell you what to do
But all that comes out his mouth is more like a giant poo

Turds, that is
stinky stuff
log style

Ya'll come back now, y'hear!