Monday, August 22, 2005

Not Right At All

Michael Graham has officially been fired. This really stinks. CAIR had only been asking for Graham to be reprimanded. CAIR Maryland had this to say under Announcements:

Extremist Rhetoric From Talk-Show Host Michael Graham Hurts Our National Image

What "National Image" might that be?

So far, the best commentary I've found that expresses my own opinion is that of LaShawn Barber. We both seem to agree that WMAL and ABC are buisness entities and should retain the right to hire and fire personnel. If I owned a store and one of my employees drove customers away by being obnoxious, I would expect to be able to dicipline or fire the imbecile. The First Amendment doesn't give anyone the right to ruin my business.

That being said, I think WMAL and ABC made a bad business decision. The station has listeners from all political and ideological persuasions, but the majority are conservative. This isn't sitting well with them. Many people disagreed with Graham (including me) on various issues, but he was always entertaining and open to views from his listeners. He always responded to my emails whether I was on his side or not, and that made me a fan.

I think more is going on behind the scenes than just pressure from CAIR. I expect Michelle Malkin will have some insights in days to come.

Tinfoil Hat: It's all Fred Grandy's fault! Yes, that Fred Grandy! Gopher on Love Boat and former Republican Congressman from Iowa. The morning after Graham made his infamous comments, Grandy was fit to be tied. He and Andy Parks host the 6-9am slot, and when Graham showed up in the studio, Grandy went postal on him.

Could he have lobbied for Graham's termination from the station? Hmmm...

Dr. Phat Tony gives his typically intellectual observation of the situation.