Sunday, September 25, 2005

A R,W & B Day on the Mall 2

OK, I switched to PhotoBucket to upload the pics. This works better.

Mr. President buzzes the crowd. At least that's what everyone else said. I didn't get a close enough shot to see if it really was Marine One.

Mr. Qualls & Son from Crawford, TX. His older son Louis was killed in Iraq. Mr. Qualls told of a very touching letter he received from Louis in which his son said that his father, Mr. Qualls was his hero. Within an hour of reading the letter, 3 Marines showed up at his door to tell him of Louis's death. This was the hardest thing for me to hear today. Mr. Qualls is an incredibly strong man.

Mr. Qualls was the first person to find his son's name on a cross at "Camp Casey" outside the President's ranch. This was the first of at least two that he removed. Each time he asked the Sheenanigans to cease using his son's name, but they don't care if they insult or hurt the families of the fallen. Mr. Qualls was first brought to my attention by Amy, the wife of a soldier currently serving in Iraq, who gave me one of the best posts on this blog.