Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"The Protest" According to Tantor

Y'all gotta read this. Tantor of Conservative Propaganda braved the moonbat crowds Saturday on the Ellipse and marched with them to the White House all along pretending to be "one of them". I don't know how he managed to stay sane.

"I could never be a lefty because the speeches would wear me out. You'd think after the first half dozen speakers told you Bush lied that everyone would get it and want to move on. But no, apparently the ANSWER organizers want to pummel the crowd's minds into submission with One Big Lie, told over and over again."
This one's priceless
"Ralph Nader began spouting off about how Bush was a warmonger and must be impeached. Bush lied. I was just opening the door to the Portajohn when Jessica Lange, the actress, began speaking. I couldn't hear her words, just the tone, just like the tone your mother took with you when you were a little kid and tracked mud into the house. It sounded like this: 'Yappity yappity yip yip yip. BUSH LIED.'"
The post is littered with pics, and he's got a link to even more that he uploaded to Flikr. Tantor would make an excellent "mole" in the lefty world, except there isn't really anything worth knowing from this crowd. This is great reporting!