Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bid on the Beatles for SA Project Valour-IT

Own a piece of rock and roll history and support our wounded warriors at the same time!

This limited edition Sericel is currently open for bids on eBay, with all proceeds going to Valour-IT. Bidding ends Jan 16th.

You can also help by Adopting a Cripple. (Yes, it's Capt Z's way of putting it!)
I post a LOT of this vituperation in jest, except the part about muslims wanting to kill you, and soldiers who desparately need your help to get the equipment they need to be a little less crippled. I submit to you that the freedom that blogging, email, and general internet use provided me was second only to driving in allowing me to feel truly independent again. For a pittance, you can give a gift to an injured soldier that will give him him a fraction of the daily autonomy you enjoy, and return to him that which he so readily sacrificed on the altar of freedom... for you.
This part of the program started right before Christmas and it's a great way to keep the holiday giving spirit alive throughout the year. Learn how to Sponsor a Wounded Soldier at the Project Valour-IT site.

Capt Z and Carren are back a Walter Reed for his (hopefully!) last surgery. Stop by their blog and leave your well wishes. Support Junkie Alert: They've got a snail-mail address posted, too!