Thursday, January 05, 2006

Breaking Story from No S**t News!

Capt B is on a tear. The recent Military Times poll has him pounding the keyboard with another edition of NSN to counter the bias that we see all too often in the legacy media.

...Ive said it before and I’ll keep saying it, Haji cant beat us here, they cant beat us in the military field. They will try to beat us on the home front though. They will commit their every asset to convince you at home that we are loosing the war on terrorism. A perfect example is the “poll also found diminished optimism that U.S. goals in Iraq can be accomplished” or continuous negative press from stations like CNN. This is where YOU come in and make a huge difference for us. You can dispel negative articles, stories and lies about what you know the troops are doing in the war. Write your newspapers and show them you are watching them and watching for accuracy. Don’t let them drive the news to you, you tell them what you want to hear about. They are supposed to be a public service, and not a piece of paper for catching dog crap.

Semper Fi-Keep Attacking!
"Hook em Horns"

Shortly after reading this, I was listening to WTNT-AM and heard something from FOXNews that required some additional duct tape to keep my head from exploding. I then sent the following in an email to FOX:

I just heard the most disgusting comment out of the mouth of one of your Baghdad correspondents. I'm sorry I didn't catch his name, but he reported at the top of the 11am (EST) hour about the recent spate of terrorist attacks.

He said (paraphrased) that the increase in Sunni on Shiite violence sent a clear message to the government that they need to increase the Sunni participation in the new government. - WTF?!?!

Is it the opinion of FOX News that Sunni use of terrorism is a legitimate political tool?

If not, then stop talking about increasing Sunni participation in the new government as a means of stopping the terrorist attacks! That is nothing short of a reward for killing as many people as they want. Please muzzle the asshole who made the report!


Just because I like FOXNews doesn't mean I'm giving them a free pass to be stoopid. Maybe the correspondent had his Wheaties switched for a big bowl of frosted dumbass this morning and doesn't ususally report such crap, but FOX needs to know that we're listening, reading and watching what they choose to put out.