Monday, December 26, 2005

The Eve of Christmas Eve at WR

We had an amazingly high turnout this week. It was wonderful to see so many show up to carry signs, wave flags, and say "Thank You" to the Troops as they entered and exited the hospital. Someone told me they had counted 41 on our side, while the most I counted across the street was 13 commie Pinkos.

The young folks from the Leadership Institute were back, as well as an entire family who were in town on vacation. "Big John" Miska brought wounded warrior Kevin D. out to visit us. According to John's business card "He is large, loud, opinionated & fuzzy around the edges." He's also a Vietnam Vet who loves the troops and uses his considerable energy and "loudness" to provide all kinds of support to our heroes.

"Big John" had taken Kevin on his rounds thru the wards while he "did his schtick" for the wounded, and then they went DVD shopping. Kevin told me he liked old movies and started pulling some of his purchases out of a backpack. Now despite the fact that I think Ted Turner is a complete 'tard, I love Turner Classic Movies and consider most of the programming on that channel to be "old". B&W, silent movies and the like. Well, when I saw that the oldest movie in Kevin's selection was "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" I suddenly felt the need to find a walker.

Kevin wasn't amused at all by the Pinkos "vigil" outside his temporary home. He'd like them to take their anti-war protest somewhere else and used some rather "colorful" language to describe his feelings.

I learned something else this week: don't assume the camera batteries will last. I forgot to charge them after last week's FReep and wouldn't cha know it, they ran outta juice half way thru the
evening. So, I was left with a smaller than usual collection fromwhich to choose for this post.

The D.C. Cops were out again but were just patrolling their beat. We didn't get the kind of close scrutiny we were under last week. No one found out what that was all about.

A physician from the hospital joined us briefly. He had walked among the commies listening to their talk and getting a close look
at their signs. When he crossed the street to our side and received multiple thanks for his work, he made an observation we hadn't heard before. The Doc said that the biggest difference between the two sides was that while we were happy and enjoying ourselves, the Pinkos were dour and unhappy. Makes sense. No one but a miserable wretch would think that aiding and abetting the terrorist scum that put the patients in the hospital, then protesting the war in front of the hospital is a great way to show
support to the Troops. Morons!

Chanting at the Pinkos.

We have small repertoire of chants that we use when the mood strikes. One of the most popular is:

"Shame on Code Pink.
Leave the Wounded Alone!"

In honor of the approaching holiday we changed it a bit:

"Shame on Code Pink
It's Christmas, you bastards - GO HOME!"

The commies didn't take our advice.

Santa's "Naughty" list.

Gael Murphy (left) and pals singing worn out 60's hippy songs. Santa will no doubt leave them some nice reindeer turds.

"Weasel" taking picture of me taking picture of him.

Matthew attempts to find his "pink balls" when he loses his temper. The Pinkos are coached to ignore us and our taunts, but some of them have a hard time towing the line.

Matthew often finds himself a target since he called one of our Marine FReepers a "murderer". When presented with the opportunity to clarify his remarks to two Marines, poor Matty vainly searched for his elusive manhood.

"Princess" chose his attire carefully. He must have known the skirt would be provocative. We made sure he wasn't disappointed.

On a real man, its a kilt; on a commie 'tard, its a skirt.

"Squeegie" showed up late. We gave him a rousing welcome when he finally arrived.

Three lonely Pinkos on NW corner.

"Kamp Kommie"

There was no bus from Fran O'Brien's this night. Happily many (if not most) of the ambulatory wounded are enjoying the holiday at home with their families. I have it on good authority that Santa arrived in a sleigh overflowing with gifts and love from supporters all over the country to make a bright Christmas for those who couldn't travel.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas!