Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Election Day!

Hooray! The Iraqis are going to the polls - AGAIN. I'm looking forward to millions of purple fingers and happy, free citizens in what amounts to a brand new country.

We've got a lot of voting going on here in the blogododechahedron as well. I haven't mentioned it so far 'cause I've been voting for a lot of really good blogs and haven't wanted to leave any out. I figure that since its a truly historic day, I may as well do some campaigning.

For the Weblog Awards (which end Thursday):

Best Milblog - One Marine's View (Capt. B rules!)

Best Media/Journalist Blog - Michael Yon (did you know he's talked w/Capt. B about a writing a book?)

Best of the Top 1751 - 2500 Blogs
- Cam Edwards (NRA Radio Host)

Best of the Top 2501 - 3500 Blogs - Radioactive Liberty (our man FIAR)

Best of the Top 3501 - 5000 - Insolublog (jeenyus)

Best Canadian Blog - North American Patriot

Best Blog - Mudville Gazette

Milbloggies - Vote for all of them! No, don't do that... I get carried away. If you haven't been over there yet, makes you register (easy - won't spam you, either) and then you add blogs to your "favorites". Only one vote per user per blog, no voting over and over every 24 hours.

Vote for Dr. Phat Tony for Best Veteran Milblog. There, I pimped his site again.

Oh yeah, you can vote for me, too. I'm in the "Civilian" category.