Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Help for Kllokot, Kosovo

From CivilWarrior of Way Down in Kosovo:

I recieved this message from my friend Leta, founder of the NGO "Progress Through Peace". PTP is actively trying to raise money to help the village of Kllokot with the terrible sanitation problem that has been making people (especially children) sick. Please read the following; if you are willing to help us, please, please do so:
Progress Through Peace, Inc. (PTP) is very thankful for the response received for the donations to the sewer repair project for the village of Kllokot, Kosovo. It is one of so many projects in Kosovo and other post conflict countries that PTP hopes to be able to assist in solving in the coming years along with educating the citizens on civil society, democratization, nation building, economics, etc. We are half way to our goal and hoping to reach the goal by 15 December 2006. The Executive Director of PTP will be returning to Kosovo on 18 December 2006 for a myriad of reasons and projects and hopes to be able to take the funds with her at that time. While EVERY donation no matter how small or large is appreciated it is interesting to note that the largest single donation (over 5 times that of the next largest single donation) has come from a Soldier who has been "boots on the ground" in Kosovo, has seen what needs to be done there and wanted to do their part towards assisting. VERY inspiring to PTP since every individual Soldier already "gives" so much simply by serving.

Please take a minute to either click on the "Make a Donation" button in the side bar or mail your donation to:

Progress Through Peace, Inc.
P O Box 100
Cordova, TN 38088

Be assured that the people of Kllokot and Kosovo will be told that it was Americans that provided the funds to them - not PTP. PTP is simply a vehicle to assist.

Please remember that, at this time, PTP is registered as a Non Profit Corporation in the state of Tennessee but has not yet been approved for tax exempt status (501c3) by the IRS. The 501c3 paperwork is being filed and PTP hopes to have approval in the next few months.

Because PTP was conceptualized late this year as a result of the Executive Directors visit to Kosovo the requests have been overwhelming for assistance. Our cart is so very far in front of our horse right now. PTP hopes to have a web site up and running by the end of December. When the site is up you can access it at There will be updates and photos about Kllokot as well as other projects in the works, completed and under consideration.

Thank you for your support.

Leta M Carruth
GN: I think this is a great project. It will have a tremendous impact on all the people of Kllokot and because its being run by a private entity, all the work and expenditure of funds will be closely scrutinized by a responsible person. Like Leta said, any amount will be a big help. Thank you!