Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

We won the war begun this day.

It wasn't easy. We made many mistakes, took even more good decisions, and lost tens of thousands of American lives. There were differences and arguments among the war planners and intelligence gatherers; there were naysayers in the press; there were civilians who wondered why the President got us into "this mess". Still, we won.

New York, September 11, 2001

Will we win the war begun this day?
Staying the course is the only option. The cowardly thing to do is to cut and run, to let the Iraqis take off in a plane with only half the rivets fastened and half the wires connected. - Ma Deuce Gunner

Americans are dying in Iraq so Americans don’t have to die at home, or so that they can die of self-inflicted things like lung cancer and heart attacks instead of having a building blow up and crush them while they are inside it. Don’t kid yourself that things are otherwise. Keeping the fight in the enemy’s home court is exactly the right thing to do. - Sgt. Snyder

So walk tall America, not only on Dec 7th but all the time! You are the difference between good and evil and it is fought on many levels and in many locations. Your Marines continue to choke out evil here in Iraq. We will continue to do that because we know, like back in 1941 YOU stand tough, ready and as one against evil in support of us. - Capt. B
I want to win.