Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday Tidbits

Hooray for Denny Hastert! Mr. Speaker took it upon himself to declare that the decorated evergreen on the Capitol's West Lawn is - drum roll - A CHRISTMAS TREE!

CivilWarrior has something to get off his chest. He takes on Mr. Murtha, ex-Prof. Daly, and others in Okay, NOW IT'S TIME TO RANT!!!
I guess having a college education these days and signing your e-mail arrogantly with the purely (self) honorific title "professor" entitles you to advocate for the murder of commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the U.S. armed forces. That apparently being the case in the current climate, I would like to warn the good, former "professor" that many of us are very, very good with weapons of myriad types, and are not all that shy about using them when it is absolutely necessary. If he would like to come and take a pop at my commander, I invite him to do so at his leisure, but would like to remind him that I have never qualified as anything less than an expert with an M-16. I'm not quite as good with a pistol, but can still manage to put two in the chest and one in the head with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Hope to see you soon you self-important piece of shit.
Sgt. Snyder has lots more videos and a wonderful Thanksgiving post (I know, I'm a loser for not linking sooner) titled Plain Old Thanks.
If you’re one of the people who think that this isn’t a cooperative effort, you’re wrong. In any given day since I’ve been here, I’ve met Egyptians, Iraqis, Polish, Iranians, Turks, Peruvians, Brits, Georgians, Gurkhas, Indians and others. Hell, I even met a Frenchman. There are people of every nationality here, doing every job imaginable. In ways small and large, all these people are doing jobs that will lead to one result - more freedom of choice for more Iraqis.
PushBack Day 6 on Air Force Family: Lies My Congressman Told Me (special by airforceguy).

We found mustard shells which had gone past their expiration date. We found yellowcake, Joe Wilson, and eventually enriched uranium, Scott Ritter.

But the physical evidence doesn’t tell the whole story. The interrogation portion does that. Many, many scientists talked about Saddam’s weapons production. The production wasn’t large scale, and it wasn’t quality stuff, but it was there. The question on your mind is this: where is the rest of the stuff? The answer is very simple and very complex.

Read the whole thing for the answers from someone who knows what's what.