Sunday, December 04, 2005

Kllokot, Kosovo - The Untold Story

CivilWarrior of Way Down In Kosovo has written about the village of Kllokot that is getting some much needed help from the coalition American forces as well as from a new non-profit Progress Through Peace, founded by "Leta the Great". He's now posted the dramatic story that became the turning point in the relationship between the citizens of the village and Peace Keepers.

As we cleared the building that had blocked our view, I could see a beat-up old red tractor with an enclosed cab stalled in the ditch on the right hand side of the road. It was tilted almost on its right side, with its left wheels still on the road, and right wheels mired in sewage. Although we were about seventy meters away, I could just make out a figure through the filthy glass at the back of the tractor's cab, slumped over the steering wheel, motionless. There was an obese middle aged woman standing in the middle of the road beside the tractor, both hands on her head.

She was screaming.

Read the rest of A Day in Kllokot.

If you'd like to help the folks in Kllokot, donations can be made by either mailing a check to:

Progress Through Peace, Inc.
P O Box 100
Cordova, TN 38088

or via paypal using the email address