Monday, January 02, 2006

End of the Year at Walter Reed

2006 may see the end of the weekly commie "vigils" outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The increase in police activity over the past few weeks has prompted speculation among the FReepers that CodePink is looking for a face-saving way to end their blood dance by getting the permits for both sides revoked.
Once again, someone called D.C.'s finest complaining about "the noise", but our permit actually allows us to use megaphones (which we have not used...yet)

FReeper count: 29

Pinko commies: 14

I gotta wonder - what does
Victory mean to the whackos?
Why do a handful of bitter,
angry people hang out in
front of a military hospital
week after week pretending
to support the Troops that
they hate? Outnumbered,
outgunned and most
importantly, despised by
the wounded warriors
and caregivers in the hospital- they still show up. I think the answer may lie in the old saying "misery
loves company".

Our canteen. Generous FReepers who can't attend have sent cookies and cash to fill thermoses with hot coffee and cocoa.

Commie Pinkos keep themselves warm with hate.


FReeper Coop crossing the street
past the elusive "Weasel" behind
light pole.

Victory means something completely different to those who support the mission.
Sure we want the troops to come home, too, but not until their job is done! Winning means bringing peace and freedom to millions of people. How can anyone not support that?

The warriors want to stay and finish
the job. Pulling a "Murtha" now
would mean all their hard work and
sacrifice went for naught. It would
mean forsaking the Iraqis who have
come to trust and depend on us to
continue providing them with the
means to create a stable Democracy.

We didn't send a bunch of whining babies overseas. The brave volunteers are well
trained and motivated adults who know what the outcome should be.
The insurgency certainly might kill me, but they'’re further away then ever from convincing me that they have anything valid to offer the world. I want them all dead. Is that wrong?

The barbarians are at the gates clamoring for more death and destruction, and they will get it, but the sword they wield is double-edged and has no handle. Meanwhile, we soldier on. Happy New Year, everyone. The world gets smaller every year. Sgt. Trevor Snyder

Before last Monday, Klokott was not a place I really liked going to very much. The people there were guardedly hostile to us because we are Americans, usually glaring at us angrily, and, no doubt, thinking foul thoughts. Over the last few weeks that has been changing, in part because we have shown that we want to help them clean up the terrible filth they are living in. We have seen children sick with a disease that is caused by that filth, and did not turn away; instead we got medicine and cured them. I think the most important change has occurred since the shooting, though. People no longer glare at us when we enter the village; most will wave and smile at us now. Many will come up and talk to us, invite us into their homes for coffee and a visit. CivilWarrior

These are the words of the people doing the hard, dangerous job of keeping all of us safe, including the
treasonous commies who protest the existence of our military.

We are taking care of our national interests. Making sure that OUR borders are safe, fighting the enemy in their homeland, not ours. I would rather fight the enemy where they do not put American civilians at risk. It is my job to fight the enemy and remove his ability to attack Americans. Would you rather wait and have us fight in the streets of St. Louis or New York or L.A. or Smalltown, USA, or would you rather we kill them before they can even pose any danger to you in your hometown?
Ma Deuce Gunner

Pinkos like Matty here
will never "get it".

Despite the Pinko 'tards, I'm very
optimistic about the year to come.
Progress in Iraq is being made at a remarkable pace. Good news is
getting through to more of the public who are increasingly
turning away from the biased legacy media. Milblogs are leading the way to increased awareness of what's really going on and why this war is so important to our future. And finally, the Justice Dept. is going after the !@#$% traitors who leak classified secrets to "news" agencies bent on our defeat to the terrorists. Hallelujah!!!

Gael Murphy donned a new
outfit this week exchanging
her customary pink for a
black "comrade" look.
Same stupid sign.

Most of all, I'm encouraged by the comments and emails I get from people who are passionate in
their support of our guys and gals in uniform and determined to see the mission succeed. All of you make a difference. Whetheryou "lurk and learn" or put together an entire luxury train to give some wounded warriors a wonderful day at a ball game, every little bit helps.

You know what Victory really means.

Happy New Year!

Landry Fan is Spreading some Cheer in her post of the FReep.