Tuesday, December 27, 2005

ADD Tuesday

Everyone in my family now knows about this blog so I have decided that I can make use of this embarrassing fact to put out little "news" items. If you don't want to know about such mundane family matters, skip down to The Usual Cranky Stuff.

Holly is much better. Her appetite is back and she's not drinking gallons of water like last week. She's got about 80% of her balance back and only falls over when she gets excited or forgets that her hind legs don't always work. I think it's safe to assume that she'll make it to 105 next month. Hooray!

The Usual Cranky Stuff

Congressional committee members who claim they "didn't know" about some recently exposed program/event/scandal for which their committee has oversight should be impaled. Anyone who blames Bush for the problem should be shot by firing squad, then impaled.

Why isn't the Senate Intelligence Committee holding hearings into the leak of the NSA intercept program to the NYT, rather than holding hearings into why Bush had to go that route?

Today's best quote - from Fire and Ice
These Marines stood toe to toe trading punches with the insurgency while standing eyeball to eyeball with the Iraqi man in the street. The insurgents were mostly foreign and, at this writing, mostly dead after squaring off with the Marines.
This is a really cool Artist-in-residence Marine's blog with lots of his original artwork and, of course, his own written observations of the war in Iraq. Why don't I have WO-1 M. Fay blogrolled? 'Cause I'm lazy and I forgot!

Those who didn't forget include Milblogging.com and The Mudville Gazette. These are the best milblog reference sites. If you haven't done so already, go register on Milblogging.com and vote/choose your favorites for the First Annual Milbloggies Award, and be sure to vote for Dr. Phat Tony. Then vote for me! Voting ends at midnight, Dec. 31st.