Thursday, December 29, 2005

In Memory of MAJ Ahmed Jamil

If you get all your "war news" from CNN, NBC, NYT, WaPo, or some other lettered outfit, you'd never hear about any individual Iraqis who are putting their lives on the line to free their country from the grip of terrorists. You'd never know how these courageous people have opened their hearts to the U.S. Troops along side whom they are fighting, building, learning and planning for the future.

If you are reading this, then you probably also read milblogs and are well aware that our warriors have often created friendships with their Iraqi brethren that are far deeper than simply for working purposes. One such bond was shared between SSG K and Maj. Ahmed Jamil.

I found out hours ago that Major Jamil was killed by an IED a few miles north of here. As you will recall from my e-mails to you all, during the big operation in Sarai in September (Operation Restoring Rights), Jamil and I became very close and bonded, as though we knew each other for a lifetime.

I very much admired, respected, and treasured this warrior's company and for the love he had for his country, Kurdistan.

He told me during one of our many conversations over dinner that he and his men came to fight in Tall'afar so the insurgents would never enter his homeland. He wanted to see his son grow up without violence, killings, or ever seeing a gun.

His son was four months old when I met Jamil in September, I only hope and pray that his son will come to know one day what a great sacrifice his father made as well as what a great leader he was - brave, courageous and beloved and respected by the men he led.

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