Saturday, January 28, 2006

Free to Rock at Walter Reed

We got permits
Yes we do!
We got permits
How 'bout You?

There were no commie Pinkos blighting the entrance to Walter Reed again this week. In their place were happy, cheering supporters on All Four Corners delivering their thanks to the wounded warriors, caregivers, and families.

The 'tards were down the street in their makeshift vigil area, unseen by anyone entering or exiting the hospital. Heh.

We had signs and flags everywhere. Even in the trees! We got more honks, waves, cheers, HOOAHs and OORAHs from the passing traffic than any other night I've been out here. It was great!

The steadfast FReepers, Protest Warriors and grateful citizens who have given up their Friday nights for the last 41 weeks didn't seem exactly eager to end this weekly event. Last week we celebrated a victory over the anti-American Pinkos. This week we had the freedom (and room) to celebrate our heroes to whom we owe so much.

This week it was all about The Troops!

SPC Ben P. allowed himself to be dragged around and introduced to all the folks with me generally making a fuss over him. After suffering nearly fatal gunshot wounds in Ramadi and being given only a 4% chance of survival, Ben endured 28 surgeries (with one more to go) and months of painful recovery. He's a tough, determined young warrior who makes me so proud I could hug the stuffin' out of him!

Mr. Sparling was not out front with us tonight. He's been busy gathering all the necessary uniform elements for Joshua to be properly dressed when he appears as the guest of Sen. Debbie Stabenow at Tuesday's State of the Union Address. Pretty cool, huh?

Concretebob lettin' it be known who rules the roost now. To his left is another great supporter and blogger Tom the Redhunter, who has a follow-on to last week's post in Iraq War Fallacies: "The War Costs Too Much". Tom does a great job in this one poking holes in yet another assertion that the war in Iraq isn't worth our time, trouble or tax dollars.

We all know the media loves this quibbling over strategy and harping ad nauseum on the idea that nothing is being accomplished in Iraq. It's as if they're all wearing "good news" filters that block any sounds that might seem positive in nature.

In Comprehending the mindset of the mainstream media, Sgt. Snyder of the Will to Exist writes about a press conference where reporters are told a wonderful story about the gratitude of an entire city towards their American "saviors".

The mayor of Tall Afar, Najim Abdullah al-Jubouri, wrote in a letter to Gen. Casey that “our city was overrun by heartless terrorists, Zarqawi and his followers, who unloaded their bloodthirsty and voracious action of evil on this city for several months by indiscriminately killing men, women and children. Tall Afar was a human slaughterhouse. Simple services were not possible, causing the people to suffer, till the day you dispatched your troops, who were our lion-hearted saviors. Your troops came to rescue Tall Afar led by our heroes, whom Tall Afar will never forget. After the major operation, your wonderful soldiers started nursing the wounds of this city by rebuilding the damaged lives and buildings with great compassion and speed. These soldiers have done more than their original mission required of them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

This heartwarming expression of gratitude from an Iraqi leader (who obviously feels liberated from a terrorist occupation) elicited exactly ZERO questions from the attendant "journalists" and, as Trevor discovered, wasn't even reported by the MSM.

Navy Wife and Danang68 brought their enthusiastic support for the troops as well as a new supporter for the corners. On the right is Doll of Freedom Watch who had such a good time she's already got her post up! Go read My First Friday on the Streets of Walter Reed.

Meanwhile, waaaaaaaay down the block...

The Pinkos perpetrated their pathetic pyrotechnic protest presumably for the passing pedestrians who pondered their purpose. What they definitely did NOT want was anyone documenting their little hate-fest.

tgslTakoma walked down the sidewalk to get some pics and this perceived incursion raised some furry Pinko fury.

From her post Code Pink Leader Has Tantrum at Walter Reed on FreeRepublic:

There I was, across the street, a six lane street. Just me. And my little camera.

I had gone down alone, with my camera and tripod to document their little public protest.

I had less than a minute's peace to take photos before Allison Yorra and Ann Wilcox of Code Pink came across and told me that I would have to leave the empty sidewalk, across the street from their protest, because they had a permit for where I was standing.

... By now, "Princess", Weasel and some guy with a black beret had joined Allison and Ann around me. They began to block my camera, which was focused on their public protest across the street. No matter which way I turned, there was Allison and her bully-boys.

So I stepped off the sidewalk and into the curb lane of the street, where MPDC does not issue permits unless the road is closed. Allison and the bullies quickly followed. I'd move. They'd move in front of me. I'd move again. They'd again block my view.

Despite her well earned reputation as a "fearless" FReeper, a few of us decided that tgslTakoma might be in need of backup and we headed down to the confrontation (cameras at the ready). This didn't sit well with the 'tards because they didn't have enough bodies to block all of us.

Allison got really bent out of shape when the other camera folk came down to film their gang assault on me. In a fit of anger, Allison Yorra yelled at us, calling us a bunch of nobodies and that nobody reads our blogs.

Check out her post for more commentary and pics of the backs of Pinko heads!
Here's "Princess" in his best cammo skirt.

And Weasel wondering when the torment of defeat will end.

It's too bad the commie Pinkos will never learn to appreciate the heroes in our midst. How they can fail to take pride in the bravery, dedication, selflessness and incredible intelligence of our defenders is beyond me.

I joined the Marine Corps over four years ago for the college money. Now that I am about to finish my tour, I am reflecting on what I got out of it. Yes, I will get the college money, but what I was given is much deeper than the materialistic values. I have the advantage of knowing that I served faithfully with the greatest fighting force in the world. I have the benefit of knowing that I was part of the strongest brotherhood known to man, a brotherhood whose members would gladly go to war with you and lay their lives on the line for you. I have the profit of knowing that I retain some of the strongest friendships that could ever exist, friendships that most people will never be lucky enough to experience in their entire lives. I have the honor of knowing that I am a United States Marine.

Did this small snippet from one of Sgt. M's essays choke you up just a little? Yeah, me too. Its a great feeling and just one of many reasons to say