Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

I love Dick Cheney. The first piece of news I heard upon arriving home from vacation was "VP Cheney Accidentally Shoots Man" and my first thought was way to go, Dick! He's just cool.

Here he is displaying his favorite two-fingered technique to kill traitors.

Uncle Jimbo and Matt are fighting over who is tougher: Cheney or Rummy.

Uncle J starts with Cheney v. Rumsfeld - Clash of the NeoCons and Matt add his own fight analysis with Rummy Could Kick Cheney's Ass.

They both have the two-fingered traitor "brain pull" thing goin'. I suppose this duel will be bare handed since Rummy is obviously a better shot. Wait a minute... did Cheney mean to hit his friend? Maybe it wasn't a miss!!!

Yes! I say an old fashioned duel with Zell Miller as one of the seconds!