Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Got me a new toy

Hooray! I love new "stuff"!

I picked up my shiny new laptop today and spent all evening setting it up and copying files from the old P.O.S.

I got a Toshiba "Satellite" with the biggest damn screen I've ever seen (15.4"), 2Ghz Pentium M, 120G HD, 1G RAM, bells 'n whistles everywhere. Yay!

Landry Fan "tagged" me with the most horrible meme yet - nearly 50 questions! She must hate me... I'll get to it when I finish basil's interview questions.

I spent quite a bit of last evening catching up at Insolublog's place. I could link to every post, but you should just go and read them all. Aw man, he's got another one up! The guy doesn't post anything for a month, and then goes berserk writing the best stuff! NO not tonight. I'll go read it tomorrow.