Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Milbloggers Predict Mahem at Conference!

CJ (A Soldier's Perspective) and JP ( have revealed plans from a secret agenda of their own for the First Annual Milblog Conference.

Scheduled to be held in D.C. at the AED Conference Center on April 22, the all-day star-studded event is aimed at elevating the exposure of blogs written by and for the members of the military. However, the discussions might not center around mature subjects like writing milblogs and bashing CNN, but devolve into puerile humor!

The dastardly duo made their plans public with CJ announcing:
We will discuss the military uses of bodily functions on the battlefield and how to best adapt them to an ever changing environment.
As if that weren't bad enough, JP shot back with this stunning revelation:
YES! As good as Bodily Functions might’ve been, Care Packages are even better. C’mon.. who doesn’t want to hear: "the meanest thing you can do to a Soldier is send generic brand goods, not name brand. it’s worse than taking a dump in a cardboard box and shipping it over…"
And when asked what he plans to wear to this most august gathering of authors, CJ gave this shocking response:
I was thinking edible thongs and desert boots.
Oh, the humanity!

Please! Register now and help preserve the integrity of milbloggers everywhere!

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