Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pinko Permit Problems Persist at Walter Reed

What a difference a week makes! Temps in D.C. broke a record high set back in 1964 (can you say 'Global Warming'?). The springtime warmth brought out lots of patriots to welcome and cheer our beloved Troops. We had crowds on ALL FOUR CORNERS out in front of Walter Reed for the eighth week. Of course the nice weather brought some extra commie 'tards out from beneath the rocks as well. They were in for quite a surprise...

First, CJ of A Soldier's Perspective arrived ready to take on the half-wits. What a surprise! I'm sure I acted like an ijit teenaged groupie meeting a rock star. (he's reeeaaaaly cute!) I ran around telling everyone we had a very special guest and pointing him out. Like the great guy he is, CJ took it all in stride and made a lot of friends and impressed a lot of people tonight. You can read his impressions here.

Avenging knight CJ rode his bike down to the hospital and wielded his rapier wit to slay Code Pink's dragons. He engaged the enemy on at least three occasions (by my count) and left them dazed and confused. Inspired by his leadership, other FReepers took to the field and together they inflicted "harm and pain" on the anti-American asshats. More on the conflict and victory later.


We were also visited by Joshua Sparling and his father, Mike Sparling. Good grief! This is one tough young man! Josh went on long trip with around 50 other wounded warriors today to the Pentagon. They toured the building and, according to Mike, were treated like royalty by all the staffers. Despite the day's tiring activities and the pain of his injuries, Josh wanted to come out and greet the folks at the gate. He posed for endless photos as he worked his way around all the corners, and was thanked over and over again for his service, sacrifice and incredible strength.

He's still got a long way to go in his recovery. Landry Fan has all the history and latest news of Josh over at Landry's Life. LF herself has been laid up the past couple of weeks and is missed dearly by the rest of us. Get well soon, please!

Amid the honks, cheers, waves and "Thank You"s, CJ spotted the arriving Pinkos and headed waaaaay down the block to make the first of several contacts with them. From his post:

The overall theme of the conversation was that fact that war isn’t necessary. Fighting isn’t necessary. They think that every problem can be solved with peace. It’s a great idea and I wish it could actually work. But, then I asked the tough question: What about the jihad? I did not see ONE sign that said “No To Jihad”, “Stop The Jihad”, “Bring the Suicide Bombers Home”. Guess what the answer was to that question….”I’ll bring it up to the committee.” I can’t make that up. The idea of calling for the jihadists, the terrorists, to stop fighting us needs to be voted on!! This is the agenda of Code Pink apparently.

Yes, Pink Hat lady, or "Large Marge" as we call her, knows all the talking points and can spew them without missing a beat but can't come up with a response to this reasonable question posed by one of the Troops she supposedly supports. Don't surprise me none!

Next up were IraqiKurd, BlackRepublican and Spiff who decided to pose their own questions to the group of commies from across Georgia Ave. FReepers stay out of the Pinkos' territory (for the most part) to deny the commies any opportunity to lie about "physical threats". From Spiff's comment on FR:

I joined the two FReepers and we stood directly across the street from the Pinkos. We all gave them a bit of hell about their lies, their donations to terrorists in Fallujah, and such. One large woman came across the street to insist that they had a permit for both sides of the street, even though they weren't using the side we were on, and that we would have to move off. I moved about 25 feet to some imaginary line by a tree while the other two guys held their ground. Princess, the girly-man pinko who wears a skirt or something came over too. Iraqikurd and BlackRepublican engaged them in debate and the large woman kept trying to shoo them away. I blasted the Pinkos with a few choice comments and chants for a while and then got out my toys.

The "toys" consisted of a portable DVD player and a small bullhorn. Spiff played videos of Saddam's attrocities and asked the protesters why they wanted such brutality to continue. He also
played patriotic videos from Move America Forward and the "Thank You America" ad made by the Iraqi Kurds.

BlackRepublican was approached by one Pinko who demanded that he leave the area because even the far side of the street was Code Pink's. BR asked to see the permit. The Pinko couldn't produce the permit but volunteered that "the cops will make you move."

Ah yes, "Help! Police! Make the bad people leave us alone!" Head Pinko Gael Murphy even walked waaaaay up the block to scream at Kristinn for the intrusion. The hard-core commies were losing
their composure and no doubt feared their new recruits were beginning to have doubts about this kind of protest. They love to spread propaganda about the military missing recruiting goals, but their own retention rate is abysmal! So when the newbies are exposed to a real Iraqi and real American heroes who tell them that protesting in front of a hospital is not the kind of support they want, Pink Hat and the other "committee members" get real nervous.

This time their attempt to get us in trouble back-fired!

Some of D.C.'s finest showed up at the Pinko's request. They asked to see our permits. Concretebob and tglsTakoma promptly retrieved the documents and presented them for inspection. All good!

The cops then went waaaaay down the block and asked to see the Pinko's permits. Not so good. I didn't hear the conversation, but I imagine it went something like this:

Pink Hat: Perry, do you have the permit?

Perry: I don't have it. Gael, do you have the permit?

Gael: That wasn't one of my 'action items'. Why didn't anyone get the permit? Wasn't that your job, Bruce?

Bruce: ...


Bruce: I couldn't help it! They have pizza and pretzles and I was sooooo hungry and ... and, I ...

Gael: You ate the permit!?

Having failed to produce the required document, the commies were ordered to disperse.

YES! Foiled again by those rotten stinking flag-waving neocon warmongers! The Pinkos show once again why commies are 'tards.

With no reason to stay off their turf, several people went down to rub it in talk with the losers.

More from Spiff:

Then I went after their signs claiming that they support the troops. One sign said that they love the troops. I detailed some of the things that were said at the Code Pink event on Tuesday night. I asked them how they can claim to support of love the troops while just a few days earlier their organization was claiming that U.S. troops were committing atrocities in Iraq, they were intentionally machine-gunning civilian vehicles carrying families, bombing hospitals, and beating or assassinating doctors and other health care workers. I told them that the only troops that they were supporting with their demonstration in front of Walter Reed were the remnants of Saddam's Fedayeen and the insurgent terrorists who are maiming and killing U.S. troops. I reminded them that their organization had given over $600k to elements in Fallujah and that the money most certainly made it into the hands of those who are maiming and killing the soldiers that they claim to support.

I talked to one moonbat from out-of-town who thought the Pinkos' "vigil" was a wonderful idea. She agreed that maybe holding it outside a military hospital wasn't the most appropriate site, but she didn't think any of the wounded soldiers could see them from inside. I set her straight on that notion!

Everyone in the hospital knows that Code Pink is outside showing the most galling disrespect for those inside. Even though the hateful wretches no longer perch on the gate corners, anyone who drives south on Georgia Ave. has to pass in view of the commies.

Code Pink needs to take its anti-American, anti-military, anti-FREEDOM propaganda freak-fest elsewhere!

As much as I enjoyed meeting CJ, I would rather it had not occured at a place that brought out his ire. The soldiers and Marines I've met are justifyably proud of their service and believe they were wounded while protecting the rights of these morons to protest. None of them think the Pinkos should be holding a protest at Walter Reed.

CJ: I went down to there and asked them if they supporters the troops. Someone yelled “yes” from the other side. I then told them I was a troop and I’m asking them to leave. There were a few chuckles, but no one left. I started asking them why they weren’t protesting the Jihad. Where were their signs? Why was it okay to kill Americans, but when we retaliate they come out in force against war? Then, I saw something that made my blood boil: an imitation American flag. The stripes were lined with red missiles or bombs, the stars were zeroes and ones, and there was a huge blue dollar sign superimposed into the canton of the flag.

...One quick note that I won’t go into because I got worked up about this too: I got into an argument with a guy I called Baldilocks because he said we don’t need a military at all. Yup, they support our troops all right.

One of these days the commies will decide to move on. It can't come soon enough for me! But until that day there will be people manning the corners at the gate to Walter Reed on Friday nights, waving flags, yelling "Thank you!" and "We love you!" to the heroes as they enter and leave.

Update: I figured out how to change the color of the image borders - Hooray! The red bordered pics courtesy of iMacMan.