Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Every Little Bit Helps

Maj. "Taco" Bell, USMC, joined the merry band of FReepers and friends on March 17th to show his support for the wounded warriors and his disdain for the commie Pinkos. I'd been tipped-off by Taco Mamma to expect his appearance but was nonetheless surprised that someone who'd been home for less than two weeks would want to come to an event so close to a bunch of anti-war 'tards. tgslTakoma wrote of the night's events for in the post for FReep #48.

"Taco" is a man who knows what he's doing and why, has the confidence to face adversaries head-on, the spirit of conviction to defend his ideas and his country, and a wonderfully entertaining ability to impart his thoughts to others. As an contact, his imaginitive and frequent updates gained him a solid following and a horde of "Support Junkies" who flooded him with tangible reminders of how much our troops are loved.

Fortunately for all his fans, the great stories and personal observations are still pouring out on his blog SandGram. The same is true for Taco's friend and fellow Marine blogger Capt B of One Marine's View. Capt B was the first Marine to become an AnySoldier contact during his first deployment to Afghanistan, and renewed his affiliation when deployed to Iraq.

A lot of us are also looking forward to the publication of a book authored by Taco, Capt B, and Sgt. Brian Horn. These three might never have met, and we might never have known them either if it weren't for Brian's dad, Marty Horn, and his brainchild

Proud and happy Taco Mamma with her boy.

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