Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hilton Hotels Evict Wounded Warrior Supporters

I just learned about this last night. Our favorite place to plug for their unending support of the wounded warriors at Walter Reed is being evicted from it's leased space in a downtown Hilton. Fran O'Brien's has been hosting a busload (or two) of vets and their families every Friday night for the past two years. These dinners are funded by the restaurant's owners and donations from supporters, but they will come to an end this month as the Hilton Corp. has decided that the possibility of injury and lawsuits resulting from someone being hurt by a flying wheelchair is just too great.

Learn more about this devastating loss from Capt. Z, who knows better than anyone else how much this steak house has boosted the morale of many of our beloved Vets.

The story was first reported by the Greyhawks over at Mudville Gazette who were alerted by Buzz Patterson and has all the info about the history and happenings.

Its really going to SUCK if Fran's closes. I'll never stay at a Hilton.