Saturday, April 22, 2006

2006 Milblog Conference starts

Video of "Hidden Heroes" - really good!

Austin Bay is introducing the coordinators and telling us that the wristbands in our "goodie bags" get us free lunch. Hooray!

Now he's talking about the "Puppy blender" encouraging him to brew his own beer. ...Now, communications getting faster and faster. ...The speed provides us with such wonderful new things as CJ's Nigerian Scammers. ...MSM sucks ...MSM reeeeaaallly sucks! ...Col. Hunt insisted that I (Austin) mention "sex". *laugh*

Oooo, Boobah /JP just showed up. He went to Fran's last night without me. I'll have to find out what he did.

Back to Austin...
Understanding friction - it's a process, or accumulation (MSM sucks!). Michael Yon is close to this war's Ernie Pyle, Matty O'Blackfive, SMASH are great. ...Capt Z is one who tries to tell most of the story. ...Lt. Prakash (ARMOR GEDDON) told the story of "mine detections". great story!

Now Buzz Patterson is up introducing the panelists and talking about his books and how he's hooked on milblogs.

Lefties, academics, Hollywood, all 'fifth-columnists'.

CJ spoke about starting blogging as a means to talk to 'someone' and 'no-one' at the same time. Now SMASH is up.

Good morning. I'm Scott and I'm a milblogger. hahahaha He's the first milblogger, but until he got to Doha there was no internet access (late 2002). Dad said "you must post every day, 'cause your Mom will worry..." ...He got his site crashed when the Puppy-blender and a bunch of others mentioned his site. 200,000 hits in one day... too many people were commenting, emailing... no one in my unit knew about the blog! There weren't any rules in those days, but I figured if I wrote this for my Mom, Dad and Osama bin Laden - no rules need apply!...

I'm like everyone's blogfather. CJ asked if that means he'll pay for all our college tuition? Uh, no! HAHAHAHA!

Now Blackfive is up

What's the maximum effective range of a blog? Thanks all the other bloggers.

Now John from OpFor. He introduced Charlie, the partner/other author.

Marine's don't have a right to blog. Boooo hisss Blackfive: it had to start sometime!
John: I just want to win. That's part of every post I do, part of all that the blog is about. Too many people out there are working against us. Officers' Club is now OpFor.

Now up Steve from ThreatsWatch. Starts out picking on John for the Marine jokes, says he dictates to John 'cause he's still trying to learn to read and write.

I was a lounge-lizard at the Belmont Club for a year. Started reading Mudville and discovered that the MSM sucks! Whole family is military. I grew up believing the Tet Offensive was a huge loss for us until I started reading milblogs. Walter Cronkite types will never again force-feed that kind of crap to us again because of milblogs.

Col. Patterson corroborates Steve's ideas about the MSM being 5th columnists sucking.

CJ - No MSM here today. I contacted all Nat. news and local news in the DC/Baltimore area. BBC, Boston Globe and the Pentagon channel are the only ones who came. The news we got in Kuwait was all about anti-war protests and negative reports. "You never heard about the people underneath our weapons trying to shake our hands." (on the push to Baghdad).

SMASH - We're fighting for all things American and the freedoms we treasure. We (military) are proud to have taken out the dictator of Iraq. Anyone who took part in that historic event (ongoing) should never feel anything but pride in that work. HOORAY!!!! ...talks about 'Marlboro Man' and the caption underneath that asked 'How many will it take to win?'. The MSM was waaaaaay wrong in the predictions about the number of US casualties and we (milbloggers) are telling the story.

Blackfive - The AbuGriab (sp?) were knuckleheads who the MSM make into something else altogether. The whiney Generals brought reporters out of the woodwork to ask us about our thoughts on the matter. Most of us said 'Eh, they're entitled to their opinion'. Most "journalists" congratulate themselves. They suck. I became an activist (aka pain-in-the-ass).

Marines get it, but the Army needs to understand that if you crack down on bloggers, you'll end up with a whole bunch of whiny babies blogging their angst bucking for article 15s.

John - No one wants to see opsec violations from milbloggers, especially us active duty guys!

CJ - Looking at the list of countries that visit my site, a whole bunch of them are on the terror watch list. I think about who's reading my site.

John (Castle Aarrrgh!) - there are rules. How did you (blackfive) react to the "io" training? They really pounded on Lt. Prakash. We have to be careful of what we write. fbl wrote something... something else ...

my brain is starting to wander is something

SMASH - Write what you know. Don't worry about what's happening tomorrow.

CJ - I didn't know the Library of Congress invited you (SMASH) to write on the bathroom wall? My public affairs officer knows all about my site and has standing invitation to read and comment.

Blackfive - R8's like to control things. Anything new is "scary". Gen Cody made life hell for Lt. Prakash and held him up as the poster boy of OpSec violators most unfair!!!!

SMASH - the post I didn't write. 0303 Kuwait - we were in a vulnerable spot. I was in the command tent when I saw the walls coming in and then heard the explosion. 3000 lb warhead from missile fired from Basrah. We couldn't do anything to let the enemy know where we were and what the effect of the missile was.

Steve - milblogs are not going to be shut down. Not by any general holding his hands up against the sea shouting 'stop'. That will only make more dissidents.

These guys never step on each other. They're so good at this.

John & B5 - NY Times sucks. Bloggers put ideas out and someone, somewhere will have an expertise in the area and will unlock the truth.

CJ - as an interrogator I have often wanted to slap someone around, beat the crap out of someone, or put a bullet in someone's head, but IT NEVER HAPPENS! We police ourselves and it was a fellow guard who turned in the knuckleheads who posed the inmates at Abu Grihab (sp). Maximum CJ thinks the knuckleheads should have gotten the fireing squad

SMASH - We can't let people off-the-hook when they say crap like "I support the insurgents". We need to confront these people. If we back down, they win. Take that Code Stink!

Buzz - its all part of a well organized operation to make us lose the war so they liberal hippies can relive Vietnam.

SMASH - Code Pink smells to high-heaven for protesting outside WR.

Bill Roggio - Our enemy is more adept at propaganda spreading than we are.

Capt Z. - The news isn't passionate about winning the war.

Steve - we need more journalists to go out as ebeds again.

Buzz - journalists are pussies (my words) and won't go outside the Green Zone to get a story.

Steve - The MSM should make journalists out of military people, rather than the other way around.

SMASH - no more stringers. We need an army of Ernie Pyles. Michael Yon should be the standard, not the exception.