Friday, April 21, 2006

A Marine's Poem

From one of the brightest lights on my sidebar, a poem from before he deployed.
All Give Some, Some Give All

Great wars will be waged,
Ruthless battles will be fought.
The good will fight evil,
The goal of peace will be sought,
Some good men will die,
On epic battlegrounds of blood.
As the enemy lies near,
Face down in the mud.
For a nation we will defend,
Until death do us part.
For this is what we know,
It's what we know in our heart.
Some will never understand,
Why we are willing to fall.
All of us give some,
Some of us give all.

*Dedicated to those who fought to their end, and those who carry on the fight in their name.

By: Mark D. Glesne
Author of Truth, Life, and Political Honesty