Saturday, April 22, 2006

2006 Milblog Conference - Panel 3

This one is entitled "Blogging from Theatre"

Col. Hunt (of Two Babes and a Brain) is moderating - he's great!!!

Panel includes DadManly, "InIraqfor365", Bill Roggio, Capt B (OORAH!) and MDFay (OORAH!).

Hunt asked all the guys what branch, where were you, what did you do. Not really much about blogging yet just military speak (and jokes!). Picked on Roggio's 'tan' socks.

He's asking each panelist if they lost anybody. Loosing someone and then blogging about it.

MDFay - Op Steel Curtain, Nov. 16th, had just moved to 3rd squad from 2nd. Cat's n Dogs in direct fire. Marines were leveling everything, several Marines killed and more wounded. Lt. McGlochlin (sp?) was killed, someone who Fay had drawn just days before. It was really hard blogging about it.

Hunt asked if the Marines like Fay (Combat Artist). He replied yes, Hunt asked 'How do you know', Fay - 'They told me so"

Hunt asked Capt B if he's a Marine. HAHAHAHAHA! When do you get the time to blog?

Capt. B - credits for starting it. Says his guys knew about his blog and loved it. He never blogged about someone he lost until the family was notified.

Hunt thinks the branches should be getting the news out, instead of milbloggers. Roggio was with Capt. B and MDFay after Op Steel Curtain. Hunt asked him how he got operational info as a civilian. Called him a nutjob for paying his way into combat.

Roggio - while there is action out there, most of the country is quiet. I want the complete story. It's more important to tell a correct story than a positive story. applause

Fred appologizes for having log hair, and says he's not in the military anymore. Was in Public Affairs getting news out thru a feed. Don't blame public affairs! We tried to get the news out, no one wants it! We lost more than soldiers and Marines, Fred lost his interpreter who was a great guy. People need to know the names of those we lost YES!

Hunt - picks on Marines and Roggio again.

Jeff - worked in Military Intelligence (Hunt says he doesn't like either). Was in Tekrit. Mortar strikes came in and he blogged about it. Mentioned great blogs like Ma Deuce Gunner (HOOAH!)

Hunt - in the next war, we have cameras that feed right to blogs, you got someone feeding while the guys in front of the camera gets his head blown off - what do you do?

Capt B - the main point is to keep safety in mind.

Hunt - MSM sucks! Kerry sucks! Micro technology will enable troops to carry little devices into combat and relate instantaneous news on blogs.

Capt B. that technology already exists - Marines are smart enough to know when to use it.

Hunt - Marines didn't let emmbeds into Iraq with them (what?)

Jeff - MSM sucks - they don't have the knowledge to dig into any story, just data points. They don't know what the info means in context - no subjective crap.

Hunt says Marines already OKed live feeds from the field, as evidenced by FOX's Greg Kelly's reports. (but Kelly is Marine reservist!).

I'm having trouble typing and listening. Hunt is keeping this panel really moving.

Capt B - we did have emmbeds.

CJ asked a question, prefacing it with "JP isn't here." Well, then who's this guy?

CJ asked "Jerky or not? Boxers or briefs? This camera shows my bald spot"

Now the panelists are discussing blogging and controls. not buttons, drop downs, linked lists...

Jeff wants the emmbeds back. Thinks that they're necessary.

Capt. B said Roggio spewed lots of stories while with his company, the MSM could have done the same thing.

Marines (Taco, Capt B, MDFay) doing really well! Great stories. Got it on video for later.

Roggio thinks there should be a parallel news service (milblogs and MSM) rather than the Pentagon feeding all the news.

Jeff thinks milblogs v MSM is self correcting as the milblogs are getting more and more news from milblogs.

Hunt is voiceing Taco's idea of mandatory National service.

MDFay - loves the bread the Iraqies made. They liked going on patrols at the end of the day when the bread would be leftover from dinner and given to the Marines. We owe it to these really nice, big hearted people to keep them free and safe until they can take care of themselves.

Iraqi FReepers says "We need America forever!"

Michael Moriarty - We need the Iraqis to step up and do more to help themselves. He always needed more help from locals who had IEDs and stuff blowing up near their patrols.

Fred - Saw high-ranking Iraqis feeding intel to the insurgents. Iraq needs to help clean up the system.

Hunt - asks 'are we moving on to politics? or are we going to talk about blogs?"

Questions taken from the on-line version. "Do you think today's event will make any difference?"

MDFay says "I'm getting lots of attention to my work, blog, and writing for NY Times. Yes, it will start a ball rolling"

Capt. B - Yes, there will be a difference. It's a beginning to a phenom.

Roggio - It's important to meet everyone and put a face on people.

Fred - The Army needs to be told how important blogging is to the public. Follow the Marines and encourage blogging. He was glad to see CENTCOM here to get a better idea of who milboggers are and to trust them.

Jeff - We need to watch ourselves and self-regulate, so these face-to-faces are important.

Question - Will the rise of milblogs create more animosity with the MSM that sucks?

Roggio - No, not necesarily (sp?)

Jeff - the journalism schools suck! They need to change and teach the difference between subjective and objective reporting.

MDFay - The Marines seem to first and foremost put confidence in the Marines. PAO says "stay in your lane and you can talk to anyone you want. Its your voice and story, share it". He's been given wide latitude.

Question for Roggio - Did you carry a weapon in Iraq?
Roggio - journalists aren't allowed to carry.
Question - did you do it anyway? HAHAHAHA!
Roggio - no, I just stood near the guy with two weapons.

Roggio - milblogs may only get 5% of readers, but that number is increasing as the print media is decreasing.

brain fading again...

Jeff - Hollywood needs to get into the Patriotic business and show positive things about service to one's country.

See "The War Tapes" for for a real video/movie- opening June 2nd in NY. All shot by E5's and 6's and put together by some nice filmmaker.

MDFay - plugging Pat Dollard of Hollywood Interupted is the real-deal. He made a great joke and I missed it. Oh, Heart of Darkness with a positive twist.

Hunt picking on this description.

Carren - we need to make the Military family a part of the entire community.

Ok, it's over. I'll wrap up later.