Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Lotta New Friends at Walter Reed

Like I reported earlier, it was wet. Not that it scared too many people off - we had a great crowd of FReepers, friends, heroes and milbloggers who were in town for the Milblog Conference.


JP/Boobah showed up as promised. He wanted to show his support for our wounded warriors and make some people smile at his antics.

I'm completely swamped at work this week, thus this post is really skimpy on "stuff" and mostly pics.

Boobah brought his own rain gear.

Stacy, Carla and friends show up.

and pick their signs. Stacy got one of my favorites! Smart lady...

It starts to rain.

HOORAY! The warriors arrive!

and then pose in front of tgstTakoma's new MOAB (Mother Of All Banners).

Carla makes a new pal of Rob.

MaryAnn points at me. I'm still trying to hide...

This is one of the most modest supporters out there. She will be very embarassed to see her photo here, but


You are so appreciated by so many people - Thank You!

Heidi, BiffF, and MaryAnn

Wet revelers.

Here's the 8 stinky Pinkos. They suck.

BillF and I went down just to get some perfunctory shots of the moonbats. Perry "the guitarman" came halfway across the street, blabbing some hippy phrases to make sure that we knew that he knew we were there. 'tard.


Hey! "Princess" Pinko, check out how a real man wears a kilt!

These guys are almost irrelevant now. Nobody (milbloggers and friends) even went down the block to check them out. Just don't matter anymore.

LL, SK, Agnieszka, Alex and JoyJoyfromNJ stayed 'till the bitter end and helped tear down and put stuff away. Thank You!!!!

This is the bus from Fran O'Brien's. It may be the last time we ever see it. WAAAHHH! Write to Hilton's and make them renew Fran's lease. Andi has the info and history. All may not be lost yet.

Andi also has the most comprehensive list of blogs reporting on the milblog conference.