Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Week 54 at Walter Reed

If this post looks a little funny, it's because I cut-and-pasted it from the AAR I wrote on FreeRepublic. I'm too lazy to write another, original post for this site. NOTE: The empty photo boxes are Blogger's problem (I assume). Hopefully they will magically appear tomorrow.

Last weekend, we had lots of new faces in the crowd as people had come from all over to be at the Milblog Conference. This week, we had new faces come to be part of the anti-PhreakPhest on Saturday. The events have one underlying similarity: Supporting the Troops and Their Mission.

It's been a long time since these Friday night revelries began. They weren't all as positive and fun as they are these days. For those who'd like to step back in history, here's a list of reports chronicling all of the WR FReeps as compiled and updated by BufordP. Pay special attention to Week 40 -- that's when concretebob kicked CodePink to the curb and we took ownership of

Tonight was clear as a bell in contrast to last week's downpour. Lots of folks turned out to take advantage of such a nice night and celebrate our heroes who are recovering from wounds suffered in service to our great nation. The DC Chapter and many FReepers from out of town had a terrific time.

Mr. Sparling was back in town with son and hero Joshua Sparling, and he stopped by to say hello. We were also favored by the company of two OIF vets, Evan and Tim who bravely went waaaaaay down the block to find out what the lefty moonbats think Troop Support really is.

Now for some pics. For all the ones I took, see the Photobucket collection for this night.

tgslTakoma, Kristinn and StayTrue

Early evening under the MOAB2

Marine and Soldier - buddies

With bert, bstein80 and Pasquale


BufordP and I were approached by a local business owner who said he wanted to show his support for us and offered free drinks if we came to his restaurant. Thank you Mr. Reyes!!!! Be sure to patronize el Tamarindo (just a block or so north of the WR gates) and say thanks to Mr. Reyes for his generosity.

Tonight was made extra special by the return of -- SQUEEGEE!

Yes, that lanky character was back with his wingnut Pinko friends and stoically ignoring the the men and women he supposedly supports.

Marge crosses the street (with McCarron) to make sure we know that they "have a permit for both sides of the street and you have to move back behind that tree". Sure Marge, anything you say (twit).

Tim and Evan crossed to the Pinko side where they were completely ignore by everyone but Bruce, who did little more than turn halfway to face the pair and tell them to leave. Yeah, I call that supporting our Troops! (nitwit)

Um, ... NO!

Ickabod Squeegee in his favorite pose. So much for Pinkos.

Tom holding down the NW corner all by himself for a while.

Taco Mamma and Kristinn

bert and TroopRally [Mr.]

Jimmy Valentine's Brother and Exit148

Nick Z. and pals

The only bad thing about tonight is that it marks the last time Fran O'Brien's will host a dinner for the wounded warriors at the Capital Hilton. It seems, however, that Hal and Marty aren't giving up completely. See Sandrat's post for the future plans.

From Capt Z comes another wonderful Chuck Rant:
If, however, you happen to live near Brian Kelleher who works for the hilton, tell him that the best part of him is a stain on the towel in a San Francisco mens bath house. Then, give him a kick in the nuts for me.
Fran's has left the building.

There was no bus tonight (unless it came reaaaaalllly late). We stayed 'till after 10pm anyway. It really was a nice night!

DollyCali's FReepups liked it.

tgslTakoma's new MOAB2 looked great!

And we enjoyed some great company.

What more can you ask for? Come next week and join the FReep!

Our Troops appreciate it almost as much as we appreciate them!

Every Friday - on ALL FOUR CORNERS at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Elder Street in NW D.C. - starts at 6:30p and goes until 9:30ish - bring your own signs, flags, banners or use one of a gazzillion on hand (thanks tgslTakoma!) and most importantly bring your enthusiasm!