Friday, May 12, 2006

Fmragtops for President!

Look! Learn! Vote!

Fmragtops will solve all our problem and let us have our way with dirty, smelly seditious hippies! What's not to like? And I get to be head of the Department of Immigration and Neutralization, aka Border Security!!!! OORAH!!! No commie pinkos or terrorist a-holes crossing our borders under MY watch!

Deploy the trebuchets and fling the flaming poo back across the border!

Now I'm off to a long, busy weekend w/no internet access. See y'all Sunday night.

One more thing, Capt B's got a new post and a new look to the blog, and a most promising preview of No Shit News to come!!!! He's also go a really dumb troll. Ah, well... jim b's comment makes up for it in spades!